Thursday, May 2, 2013

what i am best at.

certainly this isn't the thing i do best, but it's one that i am very passionate about and love.  ever since i was little i have been obsessed with beauty. i've worn makeup since jr high, dyed my hair since then, and shaved my legs for the first time at age 7. 

i have done makeup for weddings, currently cut hair for a couple people, and have even cut long hair into a short bob while on vacation on the balcony, at nite, with kitchen shears - it wasn't perfection, but it was cute. never a dull moment really.

i am a beauty product junkie.  i am a platinum member at ulta, i have numerous coastal scents eyeshadow palettes, almost every body shop product there is, baskets full of hair goodies, and drawers full of half-used face and body products. it's sick, but there's too much good stuff out there that i cannot keep my hands off of.

unfortunately having this passion comes with a bit of vanity.  i can't leave the house with at least mascara on, maybe even bronzer.  my lashes are so light i can't hardly stand to look at myself au natural. 

i also care very much about my skin, protecting it from the environment and aging.  i slather on body lotion every day after i shower, wash my face twice a day, wear at least spf 15 on face and skin, and use anti-aging products. skin has to last your whole life so why not try and keep it healthy as well.  treat skin as you would anything else you care about.

the main thing though is that i like to have fun with everything.  i love to see the final result whether it's a funky bright eyeshadow, a cute braid, natural, neutral face, or a curly mess.  anyone can do it; it just takes some practice.

one thing i admit though, after all this time, i still cannot put mascara on my bottom lashes on my left eye without it touching skin.  i hate that, so q-tips are always close by.  maybe one day i will master it (;

i hope this post doesn't sound like i'm a prissy, snooty thing.  i'm actually quite the opposite, but i just have a true love for beauty and that's who i am.

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Unknown said...

And you are a beautiful person inside too! :) You need to come help me with my makeup routine!

Michelle said...

I am horrible with makeup. I wear all the normal makeup (foundation, primer, concealer, eye makeup, mascara yada yada yada), but I look the same every day. I need to mix it up!

You are awesome and don't sound snooty at all! :)

Courtney said...

I'm the same way! Most of my friends are pretty natural with their makeup and they think I'm crazy for all the steps I take but I've got it down to a science now so I get it done quick. If I wasn't a broke joke I'd have way more beauty products than I have now. It's dangerous if I read a beauty blog because I want to go out & buy every product they recommended, haha.

The Pink Growl said...

you are gorgeous! I love your hair and makeup posts!

Caitlin said...

You're gorgeous! And I am impressed by anyone who can do makeup. I suck at it.