Thursday, October 17, 2013

memory lane.

last summer i moved away from home (a whopping 45 minutes) and that was a pretty big deal for my family (right, dad?!).  we are super, super close and most people think we're nuts and probably abnormal for how close we really are, but for unmentionable and mentionable reasons, i just had to get away.  i still see everyone all the time so it's like i am not really even gone, however sometimes it feels like i'm a million miles away. 

i moved to a city that has more than quadruple the people as my hometown, so it's a huge change, although where i live now is where i have spent my whole life shopping, eating, and hanging out, as i was growing up

last week while my parents were on vacation, i went back home and went on a ride with my grandma & grandpa.  a ride consists of getting in their truck, driving through mcdonald's to get coffee, and driving through the countryside for an hour looking at wildlife, new happenings, what's going on in the county, and whatnot. 

this particular outing i got really homesick.  i am sure part of it was the fact my parents were gone, but i just missed living so close to my family and everything back home.  below is a list of a few things i jotted down that i missed.  i know there are probably a ton of others, but these came to mind.

i'm sure i'll never move back, but the 30 years i lived there were pretty great.

being around my parents, sisters, and grandparents mostly.

just two minutes from the only grocery store in town.

the local farmers market.

my old walking route.

a hometown pharmacy.

seeing my old house.

knowing my dogs are buried there.

all the old memories.

the special deals you get from people knowing who you are.

five minute drive time to anywhere in town.

our prison looking like a mall.

the twin towers.

just driving around town.

7000 people.

2 stoplights.

seeing people you know, as annoying as it is at the same time.

Monday, October 7, 2013

hair & skin savers from caribbean sunshine

so only one more post on summer, and then i promise i'll move on to the next season.  i'm still not ready to give up my beloved summer and adjust to the chilly temps.  sure, bonfires, boots, scarves, and hoodies are nice, but so is warmth, tanks, and sunshine!

since my hair is so blonde, it's super susceptible to damage from summer and my light skin, as well.  i took some new products on my trip that seriously saved my skin and hair from the summer elements - sunshine, salt water, and paradise.  my hair is used to being washed every few days, but i had to wash it every single day and was a bit worried on how it would work out . . . perfect, really.  i also slather myself with lotion daily, but i knew i was going to have to kick it up a notch.  i never really did get a burn the whole 8 days.

below is a pic of me about halfway through the trip, sunkissed, but hair and skin are still protected and healthy.

this is a rather new line of hair products from arbonne.  since i am a consultant, i am a bit biased, but i fell in love with these.  i was saving them for my trip so hadn't used the product line yet.  they were magnificent.  the shampoo and conditioner left my hair silky soft, the masque was great for when my hair felt like straw, and the mousse gave it bounce for the evening.

these two products were amazing as well.  the first is a prep and protect spray that i had received in one of my beauty boxes a couple of months back.  i took it because it was a small bottle, but i also knew i needed everything i could to help my hair.  i applied after washing and even when i was on the beach.

the paul mitchell after-sun masque has to be one of my new favorite products, ever.  the smell is amazing, like a fresh summery smell, but my hair felt so good after i used it.  luckily i still have some left, so i can use it throughout winter for when my locks get dried out.

this lotion was a godsend.  i saved this for my trip as well and i was so impressed with it.  i just coated my body in it after i came in from the sun and it prevented my skin from drying out while soothing the small amount of redness i got.  i never did get burned on the trip because i applied sunscreen, then reapplied, and reapplied some more throughout the day.

i know summer is virtually over, but these are fantastic products.  if you go on a trip this winter or even want to use some of these during the cold months ahead, i guarantee you will be happy with them.  all are probably still available, however the paul mitchell sun line may not be.

let me know if you've tried any of these and what you thought of them!

goodbye, summer