Thursday, August 9, 2012

a birthday post. my 31 in 31.

Well, today is my birthday.   A whole other year has come and gone so very quickly.

It seems like just last week I was trying to get used to being 30 and here I am a year older.  It's ok; my life keeps getting better and better, but I just wish it wasn't going so fast.

In this next year, I plan to try and knock out the following 31 things.

My 31 in 31.

  1. Go to Hawaii for our 5th wedding anniversary.
  2. Understand my camera even better.
  3. Become a better blogger and grow.
  4. Find a church I love and get involved. 
  5. Run a mile without stopping.  I still have not mastered this goal from the beginning of the year.
  6. Get in better shape and tone up.
  7. Manage my anxiety better.
  8. Have a baby.
  9. Save money.
  10. Pay back a chunk of our $100,000 student loans.
  11. Start a vacation fund.
  12. Be a better nurse.
  13. Begin relearning Spanish.
  14. Go to at least 5 concerts.
  15. Keep a journal. 
  16. Complete a photo a day challenge for a whole month. 
  17. Use Twitter more and more.
  18.  Meet one of my bloggy friends in real life!
  19. Travel as much as possible.
  20. Pay off one big piece of debt.
  21. Increase my optimism and not dwell on the negatives of life.
  22. Take better pictures.
  23. Read the Bible.
  24. Learn to crochet.
  25. Join a gym and get back into swimming.
  26. Do more makeup/hair tutorials.
  27. Repot all my plants.
  28. Complete my list of DIY projects.
  29. Pay it forward in a drive-thru.
  30. Become more patient.
  31. Slow down and enjoy this beautiful life!


Emily B said...

Happy Birthday! Good luck with your list. Be sure to blog about each item you accomplish =D

Alyssa Dawson said...

Happy Birthday!! If you want to learn how to crochet checkout youtube! I'm SO serious! You will find great teaching videos!!

Nikki said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you enjoy your day!

ladaisi said...

Happy belated!
Love the photos. You are so beautiful!
I also love that list of yours - I can tell we have a lot in common because it sounds like what I put on my new year resolution lists, over and over and over ;) Best of luck to you in that!

Janna Renee said...

Aww Happy Belated! Sounds like a good list to me! I've never been to Hawaii, so let's do a blogger meet up there, because I wanna meet you in real life! Haha.

Megan Nachelle said...

You do not look near 31! I nominated you for the liebster award, if you would like to participate check out my blog to find out how!

Daily Vacationer said...

Happy belated birthday! What amazing goals! This is very inspiring for me - my birthday is fast approaching and I love this idea.

Giovanna said...

Happy Birthday! Loving your list! I need to try one of these babies out!


Julia P F said...

Love it! I make birthday resolutions instead of New year's resolutions, it makes more sense to me! Good luck, that is an involved list. I found you on the new bloggers hop, and I will be following you!

Renee Arianna said...

Love running across other nurse bloggers!

Laura said...

This is a very belated birthday wish since I just stumbled across your blog through My Froley's blog hop. But I love your post and your 31 in 31 list. I can relate to so many things on your list.