Wednesday, February 5, 2014

sorry to my readers.

i do apologize for my lack of posts lately. 

Instagram has been taking over my social media life lately.  i seem to go there when i want to post something, anything.  this isn't a 'come follow me' post or anything like at all, i am just saying that i haven't forgotten about my old blog and i really, really want to be back here soon.

i have found that with my absence, i have almost forgotten how to write.  when i was thinking of something to post, i could hardly come up with a beginning sentence.  i still don't even know what to say.

it also doesn't help that my hard drive still isn't fixed, therefore i have no motivation to take pictures, it won't quit snowing, and i long for days like the one below where the weather is warm and we can be carefree.  i am just a happier person when the weather is nice, as are most people.

so basically, sorry that i haven't been around.  don't go away or forget about the dream tree, ok?  there will be good things again.  life, food, makeup, and whatever else there used to be, i promise (:


Unknown said...

I think we all need breaks occasionally. The change in the weather always throws off my blogging schedule. Look forward to having you back soon

Caitlin said...

I think blogging in general is going in the direction of microblogging...Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. So you are not alone! :)

Live Simply- Live Well said...

No problem, we are still here!

Niina - My Paper Chaos said...

Well you go to admit that Instagram is pretty awesome haha, quick and simple (and fun!). We won't forget about your blog! :)

Janna Renee said...

It's understandable girl! I'm loving Instagram more lately too!