Sunday, February 26, 2012


Here are my final sponsor spotlights for the month!

Go check these girls out if you haven't yet.

They are daily reads of mine and I love their blogs.

- Susan @ 2 cats & chloe

Hi Y'all!

My name is Susan!  You can find me and all my adventures over at 2 cats & chloe.
{Yes, I have two cats and a Chloe.  All of which are proud rescue animals.  Don't worry, you'll meet them when you visit me!}

So you may ask what kind of adventures I partake in... 
I travel.  A lot.  Road trips, mission trips, backpacking trips, business trips... lots of trips, sometimes falls.
I eat.  Paleo foods mostly.  No, I don't eat dinosaurs.
I craft.  Usually as my creative release at the end of a stressful day.  (Along with red wine!)
I blog.  About life with my 2 cats and Chloe.  (And my friends, family, and boyfriend - don't worry, I'm not some crazy cat lady who only talks about fur balls and litter boxes.  Eek!)

I would LOVE IT if you took a little trip over to my blog by clicking here, looked around, and dropped me a line!  I can't wait to meet you!


 - Heather @ Living at 1...2...3

Hi, I'm Heather. Just Heather... I'm married to an amazing husband that finds the humor in all my antics and I will soon be a mom. That's right, as in parent to a child. Not a furry, four-legged child like I already am, but a human one this time. It has been a LONG 9 months with most of it spent on bedrest growing this baby. I'm anxious to get back to life and ME. I love crafting, some of which does not turn out so crafty. Decorating my house or your's if you ask... Reading, I was a reading/writing teacher for 7 years. This comes natural to me and I read everything! Magazines are my guilty pleasure. Cooking, it is good to burn something occasionally to keep those of us considered Top-Notch Chefs humble. I love going to flea markets and finding trash to turn to treasures. I haven't been in quite some time due to the pregnancy, but plan to get back into treasure hunting. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE all things beauty and product related. I'm a junkie. I can't help it.
 I strive each day to make it better than the one before. Grab a cup of coffee or wine and stop by and visit!
Heather @ Living at 123

I am Liz! I started blogging just a few days before New Year's and since starting my blog I have had the opportunity to meet many wonderful ladies (like Jessica), increased my tech/internet skills (WOW! I know!) and really found my passion for writing, trying new things and just finding happiness in the simple things.
I am 22 years old and got married this past May- less than a month after graduating from my undergrad!! I am studying to become a teacher and come April I will graduate with my B.Ed.  I hope to be a high school French/History teacher.  I live in a small town called Spencerville (population 500) in Ontario, Canada.
I enjoy cooking and baking, crocheting, Pinterest(!!!), reading, running, praying and of course- blogging! 
Meeting new people is the best part of blogging so please drop on over to my blog and say hello!!

And Thanks Lesley for being so awesome and having me!!


Liz with the Lovely Life said...

Thanks Lesley! Hope you have a great night!!

Susan said...

Hooray! Thanks for passing me along to your readers! :) Hopefully some of them did/will stop by! :)