Wednesday, March 26, 2014

just go.

something that makes me happier than anything on earth.  traveling.

i have two trips coming up in june that i could not be more happy about.  i think it's becoming an annual trip to visit my cousin in florida, which is fine by me.  i'll spend time with her and then we have a concert planned to see tritonal.  we are about the only two people that we both know that are obsessed with edm, so it's just going to be us.

then i'm also going to a family reunion in vegas with my dad and sister.  seriously, who has a reunion in vegas.  we do.  can't wait.  part reunion, part party.

i'm off today.  drinking coffee, listening to tritonal, clmd, and whatever other edm pops up.  probably paint a few things and who knows what else.  that's the beauty of a day off (: