Tuesday, May 29, 2012

hang on.

Life is getting ultra stressful and busy for me right now.

Between adjusting to nite shift and living so far away from work, and then trying to get our big move in order, I'm about at my limit.

So, my little blog is going to be a bit non-existent for a while, or at least lacking a bit.

I'll be back soon with new and exciting things, so bear with me!!  
{Not sure when I'll be getting internet at the new place either, ugh}


Here are a few pics from my weekend. 

It was rather busy with parties and packing, too much drinking, and a day completely sick & recovering.
Still fun, although never long enough.



Thursday, May 24, 2012

Product Spotlight - MAC See Sheer Lipstick.

I think MAC was one of the greatest creations of my lifetime.  I have worn MAC makeup for as long as I can remember because of the quality, fantastic colors, and the wide array of products. 

I'm not sure if you guys are aware of their recycle program, but if you bring in 6 empty containers, you get a free lipstick {in some stores it's a lipstick, eyeshadow, or gloss, but the one I go to is the lipstick}.

The last time I traded in my empties, I decided I needed a new spring color.  I have gobs of lipsticks that all come from the same color family {nudes}, and of course this one does too, but I like this one because it's got a pop of color.  It's a mixture of a nude, coral, pink that really stands out.

Not only do I like this because of the color, but the way it feels on my lips is great.  It's a creamy formula that stays on without looking too matte.  It's got a bit of shine that also helps to keep your lips from not feeling too dry.  My lips are naturally pretty pink and although this is somewhat pink, it's natural enough to wear every day and looks like you really aren't wearing anything.

 MAC can be expensive at times, as this is $14.50, but this and all their products are definitely worth it. A lot of drugstore brands are running about the same price these days, so why not spend a couple extra dollars and get a much better product! I'm one of those people that money is no object when it comes to looking and feeling good about yourself.  

What brand/color of lipstick is your favorite?

The lipstick in this picture looks a lot darker than what it really is.. .

These opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way for this review. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

bluegrass + nature.

Saturday was so beautiful out with a temp of around 90, lots of sun, and a gentle breeze.  There was a small bluegrass festival going on out at our park so Eric and I decided to see what it was all about.  Neither one of us like country music, and even though bluegrass is a sub-genre of that, I love it because the sound is different.  Something about the banjos, fiddles, and guitars that makes music to my ears.  These bands were playing a bit of bluegrass and folk and it felt good to be there taking everything in - the food, the hippies, the sounds, and the park.

We left the music to see what else we could find to do in the park between the swings, the pretty lake, and the nature trails sprawled out across hundreds of acres.  It was just so nice out that I honestly didn't care what we did; I just wanted to be outside. I am definitely a salt water girl, but the surrounding of the lake was breathtaking and so peaceful. 

Nature is so amazing to me.  As we were looking in the lake, I couldn't believe all the little life forms right at the surface and swimming in the water.  On the trail I was thinking of all the wildlife and animals that call this home - up in the trees, on the ground, underground, and everywhere. I could spend all day, every day outside, but my life just doesn't allow that with obligations and work. 

It was just such a perfect day to spend together and to take in what nature has to offer.  It really made me appreciate a lot that day.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

a few of my fav pins.

It's Wednesday again and time for another edition of my favorite pins from Pinterest!

Linking up with the vintage apple.

All pins via my pinterest boards. {I've been sourcing like this for a while now because the original source is rarely seen anymore}

A yummy rum punch.  I have TONS of leftover rum from Jamacia; this will be perfect!

An easy DIY.

You know you've been there before, too!

So sweet!!
30 days to thinner thighs!


I've got a bag full of corks from the winery I used to work at.  I'll have to post when I'm done.

Love this dress.
Anything boho, I love.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

the things one thinks about...

I had forgotten how much I like to mow until I did it this afternoon. If you read my post on deep cleaning, then you remember that I like activities that others despise, and this happens to be another. When I lived with my parents I would push mow and use a rider for our huge yard and that took a few hours.  It was also great because it gave me time to clear my head with no distractions and I enjoyed the meticulous act of moving row by row.

Well, today I mowed again for the first time in like a year or so.  I think Eric mowed every time last year and I didn't, so it was my turn today.  Also, we are having a yard sale on Fri & Sat so it was definitely time to get the yard spruced up and a week had gone by since its last haircut.  {I wish you guys were all around to come to the sale - we are virtually getting rid of so much stuff in our house, it's crazy.  I have about 5 totes of just summer clothes I'm parting with, too, so there are some really cool things}

Anyhow, as I was mowing my mind was just flooded with so many thoughts.  It only took me about 45 minutes, but I was amazed at all I thought about.

Here are just some of the things I thought about.

+ My freaking idiot of a neighbor loves to park his truck right out in front of our house since we have huge shade tree.  I literally want to pop a tire and put a scratch in his truck so he'll quit.  It probably wouldn't be a big deal to most, but he's got a damn garage, driveway, and side of his road to park in but he's 'better than us' so it's his right, he thinks.  So I was thinking of how I could somehow lay some rocks down and have the mower fling them into his window and shatter it or how I could somehow drag part of the mower across his paint.  No, I'm really not psycho; he's just a moron!

+  I do not want to go to work tomorrow nite.  I just started nite shift and freaking hate them.  My body doesn't like to be up past 11 and here I am up until 830 in the morning.  I cannot wait to move to days, both mentally and physically, but that's not going to happen soon or at least for a few months.

+  Maybe this dog shit can get flung onto my neighbor's truck.

+ This is my workout for the day!

I really need to paint my nails when I get inside.  I have just the perfect color picked out!

+  What cute dress can I get for my cousin's graduation party for next weekend.  I found some really cute ones online, but I don't feel like paying $60 when I saw other cute ones at Ross for $25. Holy good deals that place has.  Anyone go there?  We have a new one by me and it's my new favorite. 

+  I am so in love.  My honey is so good to me.  What did I do to deserve him?  I really try not to take him for granted, but I know I do sometimes.  As an extended Mother's Day present {from the doggies}, I got 2 foot massages!  

We really need to be booking our condo for Florida already.  I'm a planner and like to know when I'll be doing things and certain people in my family like to fly by the seat of their pants.  I used to be that way and realized that it's literally made me nuttier, haha!

+ We are also planning weekend getaways to Chicago, a float trip in Indiana, visiting Eric's family in New York, some festivals up in the Quad Cities, and maybe somewhere else.  Hope we have the money.

+  Speaking of money, our student loans are coming due like next month. @*&!  We have close to $100,000 in student loans now so this definitely puts a damper on the 'ol summer. 

+ I went to a friend's reception this past weekend.  Where the hell was pinterest  when I got married?! 

Talk about a lively mind.  There were other things that I thought about, but why bore you to tears.  If you made it this far, thanks (:

And, here are some photos from the day:

Sunday, May 13, 2012

to mine & all.

Today will be a good day.  The weather couldn't be more perfect as we spend the afternoon at a winery celebrating all the wonderful and beautiful things our Mom has given us.

I hope you all have a great day!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

love my love stone!

Eric and I went to the mall a couple weeks ago and as I was browsing for a dress in Dillard's, Eric went his own way.  We met up 30 minutes later and he told me he had something for me.  I figured it was a piece of my favorite chocolate or something like that, but it was this cute little necklace from one of my favorite hippie stores.

It's a Rose Quartz, 'love stone.'  It came with this neat little card describing its meaning and it pretty much fits me to a T.  Actually, I probably couldn't have come up with a more perfect description if I had to make one up to fit the necklace.

Here's what it says.

The 'love stone' strokes the heart into forgiveness and compassion by helping you let go of stored anger, resentment, guilt, fear, and jealousy by aiding spleen, kidneys, and circulatory system.  Eases sexual and emotional imbalance, but be careful because it increases fertility.  Learn to love yourself with this lovely stone. 

I am so hard on myself, anxiety rules my life, and I dwell on the past. 

I hope this necklace does just what it says. 
Maybe it would slow my 'lively' mind down just a bit!

Monday, May 7, 2012

weekend recap

This is actually my first ever weekend recap.  I guess I've never really done one because we seem to do a lot of the same stuff each weekend so nothing really seems that interesting.
The past couple weekends have actually been pretty fun, really.
The weekend before we had one of the worst storms in a long time as I was headed to a Paul Mitchell fashion show.  We got trapped under an overpass as baseball sized hail it my sister's new car and all we could do was wait it out.  We eventually made it to the fashion show which had a theme of a dark fairytale.  It was all quite an experience and we had an awesome time.  It was an eclectic mixture of creative people, lavish costumes, and the neatest hairdos and unbelievable makeup.  I wish I could have been in it!  We were also at a VIP table so we got free drinks, food, and great seats.  Even with the free drinks flowing, it was an early nite and we all behaved quite well.

This past weekend Eric and I went to St. Louis for the day and met up with some of my family in the evening at one of my favorite places, Broadway Oyster Bar.  Luckily we had a room, so that made the nite that much better!  I love staying at the hotel we always do because they offer free happy hour from 530-700, which includes 3 free drinks of your choice [we had beer], a nice selection of hot appetizers, and an array of chips and dip.  A delicious breakfast buffet is also provided so we definitely woke up in time to hit that.  Oh so yummy and the cure to overindulging in drinks, [oh and white castle at 1a].  Can't wait to do that all over again.  We try to stay in a hotel overnite a few times a year just to get away from the house and do something different.  

I love doing things on the weekends, but it seems our weekends lately have been nonstop and it's not going to slow down until Fall probably.  Sunday afternoon/evenings are about our only free time anymore.  It's just begun and I'm already getting a bit tired of all the plans.  Anyone else ever feel this way?

Get ready for picture overload!


Sunday, May 6, 2012

time to deep clean

I had an awesome Saturday day/nite and we just got home from our adventure, but now I must start cleaning.

To me, cleaning can be pretty fun & relaxing.  Call me crazy, but I know there are others out there like me.  It's like a stress reliever in that it keeps the mind active and off other things.  I guess it's a compulsion really.  You clean to relieve anxiety.  Oh well, whatever it is, my house is in dire need.

We have a ton of cleaning and packing up things in the next few weeks, so I was looking around for a guide that told me exactly what I needed to do for my house to get in tip-top shape and I found a list here. 

Hopefully this little list [well now that I look at it, it's quite large] will help you on your cleaning spree also.

1. Wipe down the freezer. Clear out the contents, and clean it with a solution of one to two tablespoons of baking soda and one-quart hot water.
2. Soak all oven knobs, burners, burner covers and spill catchers in hot water with dish soap. Clean the oven and stove, then rinse the soaking items and replace them.
3. If possible, pull out the stove and refrigerator and sweep and mop behind them.
4. Clean all small appliances like toasters, blenders and coffeemakers.
5. Clean refrigerator coils. It will boost energy efficiency, saving you money in the long run.
6. Sweep and mop the floor.
7. Throw out any expired products from the cabinets and refrigerator.
8. Pour hot water down the sink drain to clear out any drain sludge.

1. Take medicine cabinet inventory. Throw away anything that's expired.
2. Clean the fan and vent.
3. Wash the shower curtain.
4. Donate old and worn towels to your nearest animal shelter, like the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).
5. De-scum the showerhead. If you can easily remove the head, soak it in a pot of one part-vinegar and one-part water and bring it to a simmer for 20 minutes. Then, brush off any deposits with a toothbrush. If your showerhead is not a removable fixture, pour hot water and vinegar into a zip-lock bag and secure it around the showerhead with durable tape, like painter's tape. Let it soak for eight hours, then brush off any remaining deposit particles with a toothbrush.
6. Scrub the sink, toilet and tub.
7. Clean mirrors and any windows using our streak-free tips.
8. Pour boiling water down the drain to clear out any sludge.

1. Flip over your mattress. This will even out the weight and maximize its lifespan.
2. Wash the pillows. Most pillows, whether they're down or polyester, can be cleaned in your washing machine; just double-check the label. Place two pillows maximum per wash cycle and use a mild detergent. Make sure to thoroughly dry down and feather pillows using, since dampness can lead to mold. Dry synthetic pillows on low heat and add a couple of tennis balls covered in cleans socks to refluff the pillows.
3. Empty dressers and cabinets and use a vacuum attachment to suck up any loose particles.
4. Wash bedding you don't normally wash like the mattress pad, bed skirt, and comforter. Most bedding can be machine-washed with cold water and mild soap and dried on low heat in the dryer. However, some down comforters need to be professionally dry cleaned. This will be indicated on the care label.
5. Wash the window using warm water and few drops of dish soap.
6. Clean blinds by using a vacuum attachment and sliding it across the blinds from top to bottom. Then, dip a clean cloth in soapy water, wring it out, and spot clean any stains. Dab with a clean cloth to dry.
7. Machine-wash, or, if necessary, dry clean, window drapes and panels. Also, consider switching out thick window treatments with a lighter fabric. 

1. Take closet inventory. Go through each article one by one to determine if you should keep, donate or toss something.
2. Store winter clothing to make more room for spring and summer wear.
3. Label storage boxes.
4. Organize your clothing by the most efficient method for you, i.e. by function, style or commonly worn.
4. Dust the shelves.
5. Sweep and mop the floor. 

Living room
1. Dust display shelves. Remove everything from the shelves, dust the surface, and then dust each item before replacing it.
2. Shampoo or steam clean the rugs. No matter how much you spot-clean and vacuum, there still might be stained fibers that can make your carpets look dingy. A deep clean will brighten it up. But because antique and Oriental rugs have delicate fibers, they require professional cleaning.
3. Machine-wash or dry clean the drapes as instructed on their care labels. And, keep in mind that many natural-fiber fabrics can be washed at home.
4. Vacuum and, if necessary, spot clean all your furniture and chairs.
5. Dust inside of lamps.
6. Clean off the TV screen by simply wiping it down with a microfiber cloth lightly dampened with distilled water -- you'll be surprised at how much clearer the picture will be!
7. Remove any item that shouldn't be there -- i.e. shoes -- and place back into the rightful place. 

1. Clean the air conditioning filter. Simply pull out the filter, rinse it off in your sink or tub and use a little dish soap and a toothbrush to clean any grime. Give it another rinse, let it dry and snap it back into place.
2. Polish your wood and metal hardware, from doorknobs to towel rods.
3. Dust around all wall art and photographs.
4. Wipe down every light switch. 

What do you think of this list? What's your favorite room to clean?

Friday, May 4, 2012

what makes me feel beautiful...

I saw this cute idea over at a cup of subtle tea and decided this is something I need to think about and post.

I call myself a realist, but it's really filled with a lot of negativity, and that carries over into my thinking, behaviors, and of course, the way I view myself.

The cup is usually half empty for me. 

So today I decided to try really hard to come up with positive aspects of myself that I tend to tuck away deep inside somewhere.  Although I love them, I am quite uncomfortable with compliments.  I also have problems depicting myself favorably. 

Here I go.

I feel beautiful when:

:: eric looks at me a certain way.  he doesn't even have to speak sometimes.
:: when eric tells me that i am.
:: getting all dressed up for a nite out.
:: putting on that new outfit that fits and looks just the way you wanted.
:: making a difference for my patients in the hospital.
:: helping a stranger.
:: rescuing dogs.
:: wearing new makeup and having someone notice.
:: mastering that amazing new hair style.
:: rocking that perfect karaoke song.
:: the way i feel after a good, long walk.
:: hugs.
:: hearing, 'you look great.'
:: my wedding day in jamaica.
:: wearing glitter & shimmer.
:: dutch & harris.