Tuesday, December 31, 2013

five great things from this passing year. . .

so today is the last day of the year.  three hundred and sixty-five days since we last had a new year.  that seems like a long time ago, but then again it seems as though it has flown by, right?! 

time is literally going by so fast that it makes me panic.  this year was a decent year for me.  health wise it was good for myself and family so i cannot complain in that aspect, but for me mentally it was pretty rough.  i am hoping this next year is much better.  people who are very healthy mentally do not realize how mental health affects overall wellbeing and life of someone who struggles.  because i had a lot going on with my emotions and thoughts, it affected every.single.freaking.day.of.spring.summer.fall.and.winter.  whew.

i definitely had awesome days, but there were also lots of other awful days thrown in there that probably affected my family as well.  life isn't easy and i know we all have our issues, but i am one that handles my negativity differently that lot unfortunately.  thank god for medication, but i also need to learn some coping mechanisms and new skills in a few areas.

although i mentioned how dreary the year was, i thought of five great things that did happen.  sure there are many more, but these happened to just pop into my head first!

1 - getaway to jamaica and florida.
2 - parents moving to a new house.
3 - getting a new car.
4 - finding new creative outlets.
5 - chopping off my hair & getting a new tattoo.

enjoy today and be safe if you go out tonite.  remember not to drink and drive (: 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

a new favorite mascara, finally!

Rimmel ScandalEyes Retro Glam

since 2009 i have been on the hunt for a mascara to fall in love with, as my favorite had been discontinued.  i have talked about this before and have run across a few that i have liked quite a bit, one that i did fall for, and lots that i have thrown away mid use.

i have used rimmel mascara before and liked it so when i tried this particular one, i had high expectations.  it was actually better than i thought.  for one, i always use black.  in fact, i have to because my lashes are so light that i look like a corpse with naked lashes or any color besides black. this black was like jet black and bold.  killer.  loved it.  also, i loved the formula.  it went on super easy, was not clumpy and i only had to use about two coats.  it never flaked throughout the day and washed off without any makeup remover.

the brush is pretty unique as well because of the hour-glass shape and the way it grabbed all the lashes.  the only thing i didn't like about the shape when i applied to my bottom lashes, but that is just me.  typically i have to use a small brush because i end up touching my skin and i also had to apply lots of coats to achieve the look i was going for.

all in all i would give this 5 out of 5 stars.  

kinda blurry, sorry. can't really see the brush.

** this was a sponsored post by Influenster, however all thoughts and comments are my own. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

i'll take milk with my coffee, please.

i have never made a pot of coffee in my life, therefore i have no clue how to.  i have had the last several days off and sh has been kind enough to grind the beans and start the coffee for me so it's good to go when i wake up.  i decided that it's time i learn how to do this on my own.

i went to the store and browsed the coffee aisle picking up a bag of ground coffee, knowing that would be the easiest.  i was actually quite impressed with how well i did.  the only hard part is trying to measure the parts out equally because the directions go off 6 oz and not a glass, so i just have to guesstimate. 

for some reason, i have become a coffee fanatic.  before our trip to jamaica, my friend got me hooked on lattes, then i got addicted to the world famous blue mountain jamaican coffee, and since we've run out, i've been using similar stuff around here.  my body is fairly sensitive to caffeine anyway + with the medications i take, but i drink several cups a day and have to now.  it's crazy!  i am now pretty much burned out on lattes and only like my coffee with milk.

now since i know how to make coffee in my pot, i'm afraid that i am going to become a junkie, haha.  good lord, watch out world. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

this post has no pics because . . .

my external hard drive crashed.

i am literally sick to my stomach.  i stayed at my sister's last nite and brought my hard drive and computer with me so i could edit and complete my cousin's senior pics.  i was working at the table when dutch walked by and pulled the cords making everything crash onto the tiled floor.  ugh, what a terrible sound.

so yeah.  my whole life is on that drive.  itunes, every single picture i have taken with my dslr. senior pics, wedding pics, vacations, life. everything for my blog, too.

hopefully something can be done about it. until then, i have to revert back to the old ways i guess of saving things, which i can't remember how, haha!

back to the sick to my stomach feeling . . .

Thursday, December 5, 2013

diy like a fool.

for the last year i have been making jewelry, but over the last month or so i have really kicked it up a notch and made a lot more.  i also have started to get into watercolor painting.  i have no idea what i'm doing really, but it is so much fun. here are a few pics of some of the things i have been doing.

the jewelry is fun to make.  the hardest part is trying to come up with designs and patterns to create, but sh helps a lot and he is actually very good at making pieces.  he has made several and honestly, i think they are probably better than any i have done.  some of these are his and some are mine. 

i have to say that i do like the painting more though. i set up a little spot on the counter, turn on my edm, and go to town. i tune out everything else in the world and just paint away.  it really is good for my mind and it is therapy for me.  i just wish i had more time to do it instead of like once a week. there are a couple other pieces i have done that i really love.  i think i may frame them and find a spot on the wall.

i bought myself a watercolor book and know i'm getting a beginner thing for christmas, so i hope to actually learn how to do things instead of just trial and error, but regardless, it's fun and i love it (: