Monday, November 25, 2013

sweater weather.

not sure about where you all live, but here in the midwest, the weather is ridiculous.  well, i guess i should say the temperature really is, the weather has not been too bad really.  i don't think i have ever disliked the cold as much as i have right now.  

it is definitely sweater weather, but i pretty much refuse to wear anything but tanks and cardigans or jackets, or something of the like.  i just don't like things touching my arms really, especially heavy, scratchy material like wool.  sure a cozy fleece or sweater is nice every now and again, but i get so tired of getting bundled up and having to drag a heavy winter coat with me everywhere i go.  not saying i always dress this way, but i just hate dressing too warm.

who else is with me on this.

i know a lot of bloggers live around arizona and out west where it is still warm enough to wear summer clothes and i am so envious.  the only downfall to that is that i cannot imagine having the winter holidays in that type of environment because it would seem so strange to me, but i am not used to that. 

we were hoping to live in florida this time next year so this was going to be my last cold fall/winter around these parts, but not sure if those plans are still going as planned, so we will see.  all i know is, i better just get used to it because i still have about 4 more months of this!  for some reason i can tolerate the cold temps if there is snow on the ground, but we don't get as much as we used to . . .

anyway, i'm actually planning on wearing a purple long sleeved cardigan on thanksgiving and if not an orange 3/4 length sheer type shirt, with an infinity scarf, maybe - highs are around 35....blech.  food will make that all seem better though (:


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

back to the original plan.

back when i started my blog a couple years ago i originally called it, my lively mind, as some of you may remember, because my mind was flooded with way too many thoughts, emotions, and nonsense.  like most bloggers, it was a place i would use for an outlet for all of those things consuming my brain, but rarely did i use it to express those personal feelings.  instead it became a place to document recipes, beauty and hair obsessions, and other lifestyle stuff, which is fine, but not really what i had intended.

i think i'm going to change things up a bit on the ol blog.  i want to use it as way to vent and get those things off my chest when i have something bothering me, need advice, or a thought on my mind.  there are a couple things in mind already, but it's finding time between work and everything else that is going on.  excuses, excuses, i know.

therefore i am holding myself accountable because i have really been slacking on my blog over the last few months and have missed it.  it makes me feel better mentally when i keep up with it and also knowing that people miss the posts and pictures that are published.

happy tuesday and happy week.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

late to the game of instagram.

why didn't someone tell me how addicting instagram would be?!  my old phone couldn't get instagram so when i upgraded to the new iphone, you had better bet that was the first app i downloaded.

of course it's just like facebook used to be, checking it every ten minutes to see who has a new picture up, what kind of adventure one may be on, what the latest selfie looks like, or if i have any recent likes or comments.

i love it though, but it really is another social media addiction that i did not need in my life.  i know i'm just like everyone else and get too consumed in everything and i hate that, but i love having a peek into people's lives.

it just amazes me where technology is and i do not even want to imagine where we will be in even five years, wondering what our smartphones will be capable of.  

my profile, if you want a deeper peek into my life, and i'd love to see into yours (:

Sunday, November 3, 2013

weekend inspiration: believe in yourself

a couple of days ago i saw this cute magnet at cracker barrel with a sweet inspirational message on it.  i'm always looking for uplifting messages that speak to me and i liked this one.  here's what it said:

believe in yourself and all you want to be. 
don't let what other people say or do make you frown.  
laugh as much as possible.  
let in the good times and get through the bad.
the longer you practice the habit of working toward your dreams,the easier the journey will become.  
you were meant for great things.  
always follow your dreams.