Tuesday, November 19, 2013

back to the original plan.

back when i started my blog a couple years ago i originally called it, my lively mind, as some of you may remember, because my mind was flooded with way too many thoughts, emotions, and nonsense.  like most bloggers, it was a place i would use for an outlet for all of those things consuming my brain, but rarely did i use it to express those personal feelings.  instead it became a place to document recipes, beauty and hair obsessions, and other lifestyle stuff, which is fine, but not really what i had intended.

i think i'm going to change things up a bit on the ol blog.  i want to use it as way to vent and get those things off my chest when i have something bothering me, need advice, or a thought on my mind.  there are a couple things in mind already, but it's finding time between work and everything else that is going on.  excuses, excuses, i know.

therefore i am holding myself accountable because i have really been slacking on my blog over the last few months and have missed it.  it makes me feel better mentally when i keep up with it and also knowing that people miss the posts and pictures that are published.

happy tuesday and happy week.


Stacia said...

Looking forward to that!!! I, too, want to be more "open" and have changed mine up a bit, too. All in due time :)

Diwakar said...

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Susan said...

So now that my wedding is over (sad but also a huge thing off my to-do list) and the cloud of glitter has settled I REALLY want to get back to my blog. Let's brain storm a way to hold each other accountable... because I 100% agree with you... blogging makes me feel better. And I am not sure why. I miss you and your blog! I have about 10 of your posts to catch back up on! xoxo

Janna Renee said...

The great thing about blogging is that evolving keeps life in your blog! Of course we miss it when you don't post. Just remember to blog for YOU!