Sunday, November 17, 2013

late to the game of instagram.

why didn't someone tell me how addicting instagram would be?!  my old phone couldn't get instagram so when i upgraded to the new iphone, you had better bet that was the first app i downloaded.

of course it's just like facebook used to be, checking it every ten minutes to see who has a new picture up, what kind of adventure one may be on, what the latest selfie looks like, or if i have any recent likes or comments.

i love it though, but it really is another social media addiction that i did not need in my life.  i know i'm just like everyone else and get too consumed in everything and i hate that, but i love having a peek into people's lives.

it just amazes me where technology is and i do not even want to imagine where we will be in even five years, wondering what our smartphones will be capable of.  

my profile, if you want a deeper peek into my life, and i'd love to see into yours (:


Live Simply- Live Well said...

Going to find you on there!

Janna Renee said...

I love IG too. I think it's my new favorite Social Media!