Monday, November 25, 2013

sweater weather.

not sure about where you all live, but here in the midwest, the weather is ridiculous.  well, i guess i should say the temperature really is, the weather has not been too bad really.  i don't think i have ever disliked the cold as much as i have right now.  

it is definitely sweater weather, but i pretty much refuse to wear anything but tanks and cardigans or jackets, or something of the like.  i just don't like things touching my arms really, especially heavy, scratchy material like wool.  sure a cozy fleece or sweater is nice every now and again, but i get so tired of getting bundled up and having to drag a heavy winter coat with me everywhere i go.  not saying i always dress this way, but i just hate dressing too warm.

who else is with me on this.

i know a lot of bloggers live around arizona and out west where it is still warm enough to wear summer clothes and i am so envious.  the only downfall to that is that i cannot imagine having the winter holidays in that type of environment because it would seem so strange to me, but i am not used to that. 

we were hoping to live in florida this time next year so this was going to be my last cold fall/winter around these parts, but not sure if those plans are still going as planned, so we will see.  all i know is, i better just get used to it because i still have about 4 more months of this!  for some reason i can tolerate the cold temps if there is snow on the ground, but we don't get as much as we used to . . .

anyway, i'm actually planning on wearing a purple long sleeved cardigan on thanksgiving and if not an orange 3/4 length sheer type shirt, with an infinity scarf, maybe - highs are around 35....blech.  food will make that all seem better though (:



Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I live in the South--Kentucky and we are supposed to have 3 inches of snow tonight. As much as I don't really like cold weather, I love snow. I also love fall and winter fashion. I'm the exact opposite--I have to have something on my arms or I feel weird (unless it is 100 degrees lol)

Susan said...

It's cold and rainy here. Sweater weather has started and I am boycotting it. I haven't unpacked my winter-wear from the move this summer. I have taken 3 sweaters out of the box... if I continue my strike I will either be freezing all winter, I will get tired of these three sweaters, or winter will last extra long just to make a point.

And after several days of a cold, wet rain... I agree. Winter is better with snow. xoxo

Janna Renee said...

It's cold here, but you have to layer...half the time you shed down to a sweater or long sleeve mid-day. Perks of being close to the sun, and having over 300 days of sun/year.