Wednesday, December 11, 2013

i'll take milk with my coffee, please.

i have never made a pot of coffee in my life, therefore i have no clue how to.  i have had the last several days off and sh has been kind enough to grind the beans and start the coffee for me so it's good to go when i wake up.  i decided that it's time i learn how to do this on my own.

i went to the store and browsed the coffee aisle picking up a bag of ground coffee, knowing that would be the easiest.  i was actually quite impressed with how well i did.  the only hard part is trying to measure the parts out equally because the directions go off 6 oz and not a glass, so i just have to guesstimate. 

for some reason, i have become a coffee fanatic.  before our trip to jamaica, my friend got me hooked on lattes, then i got addicted to the world famous blue mountain jamaican coffee, and since we've run out, i've been using similar stuff around here.  my body is fairly sensitive to caffeine anyway + with the medications i take, but i drink several cups a day and have to now.  it's crazy!  i am now pretty much burned out on lattes and only like my coffee with milk.

now since i know how to make coffee in my pot, i'm afraid that i am going to become a junkie, haha.  good lord, watch out world. 


Live Simply- Live Well said...

I am not a coffee drinker either as I too am super sensitive to caffeine. But, I do make coffe for P every morning.

Susan said...

hot tea hot tea hot tea! (type that three times fast!) check out my newest blog post *gasp* yes - i blogged again! i am re-opening my shoppe in january - selling all my delicious loose leaf teas! i'm hooked! and the ones i love the most are caffeine free! woot woo! miss you friend! i had a dream about you the other night... we were in st. lucia on the beach relaxing together! ha! hope you're well! xoxo