Monday, May 7, 2012

weekend recap

This is actually my first ever weekend recap.  I guess I've never really done one because we seem to do a lot of the same stuff each weekend so nothing really seems that interesting.
The past couple weekends have actually been pretty fun, really.
The weekend before we had one of the worst storms in a long time as I was headed to a Paul Mitchell fashion show.  We got trapped under an overpass as baseball sized hail it my sister's new car and all we could do was wait it out.  We eventually made it to the fashion show which had a theme of a dark fairytale.  It was all quite an experience and we had an awesome time.  It was an eclectic mixture of creative people, lavish costumes, and the neatest hairdos and unbelievable makeup.  I wish I could have been in it!  We were also at a VIP table so we got free drinks, food, and great seats.  Even with the free drinks flowing, it was an early nite and we all behaved quite well.

This past weekend Eric and I went to St. Louis for the day and met up with some of my family in the evening at one of my favorite places, Broadway Oyster Bar.  Luckily we had a room, so that made the nite that much better!  I love staying at the hotel we always do because they offer free happy hour from 530-700, which includes 3 free drinks of your choice [we had beer], a nice selection of hot appetizers, and an array of chips and dip.  A delicious breakfast buffet is also provided so we definitely woke up in time to hit that.  Oh so yummy and the cure to overindulging in drinks, [oh and white castle at 1a].  Can't wait to do that all over again.  We try to stay in a hotel overnite a few times a year just to get away from the house and do something different.  

I love doing things on the weekends, but it seems our weekends lately have been nonstop and it's not going to slow down until Fall probably.  Sunday afternoon/evenings are about our only free time anymore.  It's just begun and I'm already getting a bit tired of all the plans.  Anyone else ever feel this way?

Get ready for picture overload!



Michelle P said...

Looks like fun! I'll have to check the oyster bar out.

Liz with the Lovely Life said...

I want to go to a PM fashion show- looks like a lot of fun!!
I know what you mean about being so busy- we haven't started up yet, but I imagine come June 1st we will be go-go-go until October!!
Have a great week Lesley!!

angie on maui said...

What a busy and fun-filled weekend!

I love the photo of you with the blue feather are so pretty!

Janna Bogert said...

Looks like a blast to me! That fashion show was pretty dang funky!