Thursday, February 2, 2012

Product Spotlight: Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream from Body Shop

I really can't say enough about this wonderful stuff.  It's the best night cream that I have found, and I've tried several before landing this one. 

The best thing about it is that it does its magic while you sleep.  Just slather some on after you wash your face and you're good to go til morning.  I have found that when I wake up in the mornings, my face feels nice and hydrated, even after washing; it's like the moisture goes deep into the skin to keep the moisture locked in.  It has a really nice & clean smell, also.

Also, because vitamin E is an antioxidant, this also protects against harmful environmental substances that attack healthy cells.  I think my skin looks pretty healthy, too.  I have a few creases here and there, but I think this night cream has definitely helped with premature aging.

This costs around $20 for a 1.7 oz tub, which is kind of a lot, but it will last a couple months, if not more.   

I used to never wash my face before bed, but when I moved in with Eric, that changed, luckily.  Now I can't stand to have a dirty face in bed.  Using this stuff just makes my face feel so clean and refreshed.  I also pair it with another night serum from a different brand, so I know my face is thanking me every nite.

I have used the Body Shop's face line for a while now and will for as long as I can.  It's sad because most of the ones around where I live have closed down, so I have to resort to online.  I just hope the company doesn't go out of business because I will be lost.  I am so happy that I found this cream.  Plus, I also like the fact that it's 100% vegetarian and not tested on animals!!

I am not being paid or rewarded for this, I just wanted to let my readers know of this amazing night cream.
Since I use a lot of Body Shop's products, I'm sure there will be others in my weekly Product Spotlight.

Check it out if you want.
Anyone else use a night cream and what's your favorite if you have tried some?


Michelle P said...

ooh I need to check this stuff out!

Heather at 123 said...

I just bought the kit yesterday. I got the day and night creams as a sample and loved them! Even on my acne prone skin they are AMAZING! My skin gets dry from the acne meds but can still be oily. PERFECT system. I alternate between acne line and this face wash.

Page Twenty-Two said...

Thanks for posting this!! I just had a facial the other night and the girl told me I need to get a better night time lotion. I had been using a gel lotion that wasn't doing the trick! Definitely going to check this out!

Live Simply- Live Well said...

My husbands grandmother swears by vitamin e. That stuff is awesome.