Tuesday, May 15, 2012

the things one thinks about...

I had forgotten how much I like to mow until I did it this afternoon. If you read my post on deep cleaning, then you remember that I like activities that others despise, and this happens to be another. When I lived with my parents I would push mow and use a rider for our huge yard and that took a few hours.  It was also great because it gave me time to clear my head with no distractions and I enjoyed the meticulous act of moving row by row.

Well, today I mowed again for the first time in like a year or so.  I think Eric mowed every time last year and I didn't, so it was my turn today.  Also, we are having a yard sale on Fri & Sat so it was definitely time to get the yard spruced up and a week had gone by since its last haircut.  {I wish you guys were all around to come to the sale - we are virtually getting rid of so much stuff in our house, it's crazy.  I have about 5 totes of just summer clothes I'm parting with, too, so there are some really cool things}

Anyhow, as I was mowing my mind was just flooded with so many thoughts.  It only took me about 45 minutes, but I was amazed at all I thought about.

Here are just some of the things I thought about.

+ My freaking idiot of a neighbor loves to park his truck right out in front of our house since we have huge shade tree.  I literally want to pop a tire and put a scratch in his truck so he'll quit.  It probably wouldn't be a big deal to most, but he's got a damn garage, driveway, and side of his road to park in but he's 'better than us' so it's his right, he thinks.  So I was thinking of how I could somehow lay some rocks down and have the mower fling them into his window and shatter it or how I could somehow drag part of the mower across his paint.  No, I'm really not psycho; he's just a moron!

+  I do not want to go to work tomorrow nite.  I just started nite shift and freaking hate them.  My body doesn't like to be up past 11 and here I am up until 830 in the morning.  I cannot wait to move to days, both mentally and physically, but that's not going to happen soon or at least for a few months.

+  Maybe this dog shit can get flung onto my neighbor's truck.

+ This is my workout for the day!

I really need to paint my nails when I get inside.  I have just the perfect color picked out!

+  What cute dress can I get for my cousin's graduation party for next weekend.  I found some really cute ones online, but I don't feel like paying $60 when I saw other cute ones at Ross for $25. Holy good deals that place has.  Anyone go there?  We have a new one by me and it's my new favorite. 

+  I am so in love.  My honey is so good to me.  What did I do to deserve him?  I really try not to take him for granted, but I know I do sometimes.  As an extended Mother's Day present {from the doggies}, I got 2 foot massages!  

We really need to be booking our condo for Florida already.  I'm a planner and like to know when I'll be doing things and certain people in my family like to fly by the seat of their pants.  I used to be that way and realized that it's literally made me nuttier, haha!

+ We are also planning weekend getaways to Chicago, a float trip in Indiana, visiting Eric's family in New York, some festivals up in the Quad Cities, and maybe somewhere else.  Hope we have the money.

+  Speaking of money, our student loans are coming due like next month. @*&!  We have close to $100,000 in student loans now so this definitely puts a damper on the 'ol summer. 

+ I went to a friend's reception this past weekend.  Where the hell was pinterest  when I got married?! 

Talk about a lively mind.  There were other things that I thought about, but why bore you to tears.  If you made it this far, thanks (:

And, here are some photos from the day:


Janna Bogert said...

Seriously, how did we survive without Pinterest? Although, I might not have eloped if I had already planned the whole thing out. Is there a way for you guys to start parking in that spot, and then maybe he will get the hint? I did that to my neighbors and it worked like a charm! I will buy you a plane ticket out here if you will come mow my lawn!!

Courtney said...

Wish I could come to your sale!!

Lauren said...

Haha you crack me up. I, too, love mowing the lawn. :)

Susan said...

My parents live on 3 acres. I used to volunteer to cut the grass because, like you, it was my "quiet time" despite the roar of the riding mower. I also find it to be one of the best times to think. The thoughts you had about your neighbors truck just crack me up! And I am pretty sure you should add Virginia to your places to visit list... did you get my email yesterday? 15 hours my dear!