Thursday, May 3, 2012

Product Spotlight: Day & Night Solution from Mary Kay

I'm so excited to be doing another product spotlight.  It's been a while since I've done one and I'm here to tell you about one of my most favorite products ever!  So thankful I found this and will be devastated if they ever quit producing it.  

My sister started selling Mary Kay several years ago so I thought, hell, why not try a few new products at 50% off.  Well, this one I tried way back when and I'm still using it religiously to this day.  This is one of the beauty products that I've probably been using the longest.  It's amazing.  I was hooked from the start and I believe it's helped my skin tremendously.

What it is is a day solution and a night solution.

The day solution is basically an spf 25 sunscreen that is to be used on top of clean skin.  I use right after I wash my face and before I put on my moisturizer.  I like this because I think of it as a line of defense in protecting my face from harmful rays and other crap in the environment.  By doing this it also prevents premature aging like wrinkles, lines, and dark spots. My face has only gotten burned one time in like the past 4 years and it's only because I forgot to apply this one morning.  I still get color in the summer but don't have to add any extra sunscreen because this does the trick!  It goes on nice and smooth, has a nice fragrance, and lasts for quite a while - I think each bottle lasts me about 4 months or so and I use it daily.  I would have to say the only downfall is the cost.  It's a bit pricey, around $30 I think, but to me that's totally worth the protection it provides.  If it's going to save my face and protect it, price is no object.

The nite solution is just as amazing, if not more.  I use this right after I wash my face in the evening underneath my nite cream.  I feel like this does its magic while I sleep.  I know that washing your face at nite is so important because while you sleep your body corrects problems and all that, but this goes one step beyond.  This is packed with little beads that contain vitamins and antioxidants.  So basically while I sleep, this stuff repairs any fine lines I may be getting or repairs any damage my face may have gotten that day.  It goes one pretty smooth also and it's a clear, almost sticky substance.  A little goes a long way, so it lasts about the same amount of time as the day solution.  Again, the only downfall I see is the price because this runs about $25 I think, but totally worth it.

I know Mary Kay is kind of a thing from the past or a lot of people think only old ladies use this, but there are actually a lot of young people that use it.  I don't know what I'll do when my sister stops selling because a) not only will I have to pay full price, but b) I don't know anyone else that sells! 

I am 30 and hear all the time that I look about 25 [woo hoo!], but I have to say that some of it has to do with these 2 amazing products.  They just protect and help my skin so much.  I will definitely be a life long user of these two pieces of magic.

** This is my own personal opinion and I was not compensated in any way for my review.


PoppyHarleyLove said...

I just started using the whole TimeWise collection about a month ago, and I'm beyond amazed at the results! I have combination skin so it's always been hard to find the right products. Mary Kay did the job! Thanks for sharing!

Niina - It seems pretty obvious. said...

I've actually tried these products as well and I remember I really liked them (my mum used to use them and I used to "borrow" some of her when I lived at home). But I had forgot about them :)

Have a lovely weekend!

Jenna Simpson said...

I should look into that night serum! Thanks for the information :)

Stacia said...

Soooo...this is what you recommend? I have been looking for a not so hard skin care program for my middle aged face :)

I'll have to check into this!! Like this recommend!!

And NO, you don't look 25, you look 23.....:)

Morgan Neal said...

Just found your blog! Love this post & Mary Kay! I guess it's because I sell it! Lol.

Unknown said...

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