Wednesday, January 23, 2013

a wintry walk.

i don't know about in your parts, but the weather here is nuts.
one day it's 30, the next it's 70, and after that it's 22.
today i believe it's about 15.

i've been on this kick of trying real hard to get outside and walk every day i'm off, so the other day i venture out and realize it's mighty cold out, but it was so beautiful.  definitely windier than what i care for, but the sun was shining and it was peaceful.

when i got home i decided to grab my camera and head back out to snap pics of all the pretty things i saw while i was out.  winter is not my cup of tea, but it sure can be pretty.  we don't get as much snow as i'd like, but nature can create some other things that i like almost as much.

the beautiful sunshine | the edge of the lake consumed with crackly, brittle ice.

cold weather gear.

the ducks don't seem to mind the ice cold water

bundled up

our pool is finally being built

a vacant nest

the blustery wind blows


on our jeep

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jessica said...

beautiful pictures. i'm with you, i'm not a big winter fan but it sure can be pretty. also, i love your head wrap thing, it looks warm and comfy.

Kristin O'Leary said...

I love your pictures of the blustery day! By the way, i immediately thought if Winnie the Pooh when you said "blustery." We are having crazy weather here in Virginia too. It really is insane. One day it feels like spring and the next it's chilly and frosty. I don't get it...

Brooke said...

Looks freezing!

I used to have that same sticker!

=) Brooke

Janna Renee said...

We are having the Bipolar weather too! So crazy.

Pretty Affairs said...

Really great photos! Like your blog, it's very interesting. And good luck with winter;) xx
You have a new follower:)