Monday, May 13, 2013

dear credit, i am sorry.

today's challenge is to issue an apology.  well there are many things and people i could could say a few sorrys to, but don't feel like getting too personal on the old blog.

i need to tell my credit how sorry i am for hurting it since i was eighteen.  years later i found out that getting my first credit card on the first day of college because i got a free gift, was not the greatest idea.

also wracking up debt from a few other cards, two bachelors degrees, living expenses for 2 years, a house and a couple cars, also didn't help.

unfortunately my credit and i are going to have a rough life together, but here's to hoping our relationship will get better as i age.  good thing i've got someone else's credit to run when it comes to big purchases.  thank you hubby for having good credit, but sorry i've drug yours down with our joint accounts now (:

things will get better, credit, you will see.

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Georgina said...

It's wonderful you are acknowledging the matter and working on bettering it! Everyone has problems here and there - you will definitely conquer yours!

Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

Oh shoot.

the truth, right?

it's brutal.

Kaitlyn Aiono said...

You and me both. But seriously, I hate you Equifax.

Alyx said...

Man, those student loans are absolutely brutal. And when we bought a house I was so surprised but our credit actually got worse! So dumb.