Friday, May 10, 2013

well that was embarrassing.

as far as mortifying moments go, i have them quite often. 

words and phrases normally come out of my mouth different than what i intend and i end up feeling foolish.  sometimes i am a clutz and other times, well, who knows what i do to make myself blush.

i couldn't really think of a whole lot that would be worthy of writing about, but everyone loves watching someone fall down, right? 

well once, maybe 5 years ago, i was walking into a store.  it was a cold january day, the snow was just beginning to melt, and it was an ugly, cold day.  i had my hands in my pocket because the door was somewhat of a distance, which i found out isn't a good thing to do when the pathway is messy.  someway, somehow i lost my footing as i was stepping over a puddle.  a large, icy, dirty water puddle. 

since my hands were in my pocket, i had no way of balancing myself and completely fell into said puddle, landing on my shoulder and half of my face submerged in the water.  talk about fun.  i can't even remember if i looked around to see who was watching because i could not believe what had just happened.

my mom was still by the car talking to a friend so i had to walk back to her and explain what was going on.  obviously she was dying laughing but still wanted to shop.  that meant that i had to wait in the car, take off my soaking wet clothes and sit in my bra & underwear, with gloves on my feet.

such a happy, proud moment that was.

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Janna Renee said...

Seriously, I don't mind snow and winter all that much, but I do mind all the ice! It is the worst and I always fall!