Friday, August 9, 2013

review || wet 'n' wild megashield lip color

a couple of months ago as i was leaving the drugstore, i saw a whole row of colored tubes that drew me in, plus they were on sale for around two bucks.  turns out it was perfect for what i was looking for.  a sheer lip color with spf 15.

however, this swatch clearly shows that the color is not sheer but highly pigmented!  i think this is meant to be a kind of like a colored lip balm, although i wear this more as a lipstick because of how rich the color is.  this color is called salsa lessons.

the consistency is very creamy and goes on super smooth while covering extra well.  i don't typically wear a lot of red, but i got this thinking it would be a slight red color with more of a moisturizing appeal.  it's both really, but overall this is pretty great stuff.  sometimes i even just dab it on a couple of times for a light tint.

these pictures show how it looks on and i think i probably only swiped one time to achieve this.  i will definitely be trying more of these because there were several other colors i almost picked up when i bought this one.  it's a great tube of color for the quality that comes with such a cheap price.  pretty amazing stuff!


Something Infinitely Interesting said...

i love the cheap stuff last longer than my mac! lol

Stacia {simply stacia ~ the blog} said...

this looks SO good on you! I may have to try, as I'm having a hard time finding a gloss that doesn't dry my lips out.

Pretty on you!!

Aimee said...

Love this color!I have an irrational fear of color on my lips (I can't seem to find the right color for me) but I love this and I might have to give it a shot!