Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Year Blogging Party Reveal

A few weeks ago I was paired up with the fun-loving, Ronni for the 2012 Blogging Party.  

I am super happy that I Ronnie and were chosen for each other because we found we actually both had a lot in common, plus it's always cool to a new friend.

Here are Ronni's gifts to me.  I love them and couldn't be happier with the choices!

here are all of my goodies!

the cute card with a sweet message.

the warm, fuzzy scarf that I cannot wait to wear!

I don't even think I told her, but I collect magnets!
And, we live in the same state, but about 5 hours apart.

Yea, chocolate is my weakness and I can probably have these babies polished off by tonite if I tried.

Here's the sweet message.

This was a lot of fun!  Next time it rolls around, be sure to jump in.  I'm grateful to have met a new friend and the goodies are nice, too (:


Jessica said...

That card is seriously adorable!
This link up was so fun :)


Susan said...

I agree with Jessica... the card is soooo cute!! :)

Ronni said...

Squee! :D I'm so glad you liked everything!

I didn't know you collected magnets, but I collect them and I thought you might like one because you said you liked Chicago. Score!

Enjoy your goodies. :)