Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Organizing makeup brushes

Remember when it was like 1990 and everyone had a Caboodle?  Well I still use one that I purchased a few years ago.  It works well for storage, but it's definitely overflowing to the point it won't really close anymore.  I then had no place for my brushes so I decided to make my own organizer and wanted to share with you in case you have yours thrown in every which way with no place to put them. 

This is a super simple and cheap method to organizing and having your brushes easily accessible.  Here is what you need and how you do it ....

Buy some sort of clear glass or plastic vase.  Mine is glass because I think it offers more stability than plastic, plus looks a little nicer.  Get some sort of small rock or sand at a craft store or someplace like Target, enough to fill about 3/4 full; I think I had to use two packages of sand.  Then, stick your brushes in.  My sand is pretty compact so my brushes that have flat ends are harder to stick in than the ones with pointier ends, but it still works.

I think it's a really pretty idea, and looks good in my bathroom, too.  It cost me around $9 or so to make.