Thursday, March 22, 2012

welcome, spring.

I know the first day of spring happened a few days ago.
I don't want to be rude it not welcoming her, so better late than never.

I welcomed spring with a nice case of strep.  
It hasn't been too awful, just a sore throat really, but
that's ok because I'm on the mend and luckily my days off fell perfectly and I enjoyed some family time and
 the sunshine.
I was just thinking of a few things I have that I'm excited to wear with this crazy warm weather we've been having.  Sure, I am a warm weather girl and love it wholeheartedly, but come on...
spring just arrived and we're having summer weather already.
I know this can't last long, but the forecasts prove me wrong each time I watch...
So, until it goes back to highs in the 50s, I'm going to pretend we're already in the swing of things and bust out these few pieces.

This is one of my favorite perfumes.  It's Greenify by MAC and unfortunately they don't make it anymore.  [They luckily brought back my other favorite, Turquatic, though....yay!!!]  As you can see, this is almost gone and it makes me so sad, that's why I use it sparingly and save it for spring.  It smells just like a warm, sunny, green day.  I love earthy, nature smells and this one is pretty amazing.  I used it once last week and I'll probably save it for a weekend nite out for next time.  It pairs perfectly with my staple, patchouli, as well.  Blessed to have this bottle!


Normally the only pink I like is bright, neon pink which looks perfect on summery, tanned skin.  These, however, will look alright with my still pasty white, wintery skin.  These are relatively old.  I never wear them (maybe even just once), but I saw them the other day and decided to give them a try in the next few days or week.  The one on the left is called Conquistadorable and the right one is Party in My Cabana.  Suitable names, I suppose.  I prefer bare nails and have an abundance of expensive polish, so I guess for the next couple of weeks, I'll have to adjust to having pink on them.  I will manage.


My feet and toenails are in no shape for sandals yet, so until then I think I'm going to resort to these cuties.  I have had them for a few months and never had the chance to wear them.  I think they are just the cutest and will look good with so many different outfits, well except my work scrubs.  I hope these bad boys aren't worn out by the end of summer because I can see myself wearing them quite a bit over the next several months!


The last few weeks my yard has been exploding with daffodils.  It's a shame that they come and go so quickly, but I have enjoyed seeing them stick around for as long as they have.  I think this one just looks so beautiful.  My yard is happy to have them around. 

So there you go.  A few things I am excited to put to use.  

What are you looking forward to??


Live Simply- Live Well said...

I am looking forward to the long warm evenings. They are my fave.

Liz with the Lovely Life said...

I love the long days and , like you, the daffodils!

bonbon said...

I want to see that nail polish on your fingers! I am obsessed with polished nails... last night though I bought the ugliest yellow nail polish. Definitely don't know what I was thinking. Now I have to look at it all day before I can go home and and take it off!
So glad I found your blog today- I am loving it!

new follower :)

With Glitter On Top said...

What a lovely blog you have :):) just came across it and wanted to say hello! Please check mine out sometime