Wednesday, March 21, 2012

i love wednesdays for pinterest...

I can't believe that I haven't posted in a week!  
 Sorry for my absence, but life happens and I get too busy sometimes.  That's all. 

But, here we are again for another round of our favorite finds from Pinterest and I love my selections for the week.

Enjoy and see you again, soon!

Yum, blueberry bread pudding!

Capri, Italy.  I want to be there NOW!

With the summer weather we've been having, I wish I had one of these to lay in.  Ahhh....

This is so funny!  I love these.

I want this dress!  It's beautiful.

So cute!

I am obsessed with braids!

Such a cute outfit.  

I have always loved sand dollars.

Beautiful tattoo, however with different names, of course.

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Live Simply- Live Well said...

Let's go to Italy right now, I mean right this second, mmmk? Sounds good to me. Love that pic.

Susan said...

I love the igloo... too funny. I love the bracelet... like a whole lot. I would totally wear that outfit. And I am pretty sure that we need to plan to meet each other for the first time in Capri. Sound like a plan?

Erin O'Riordan said...

Capri certainly is beautiful.

My Pinterest post this week is at

Michelle P said...

I love all of these. And I will definitely go to Italy with you! haha

p e b b z said...

great pins!! i love that white dress too =) its soo pretty

i linked up yesterday too =) xo

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