Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting

It's Wednesday, so you know it's that time again.

It's a really gloomy, cold, and not so pretty day out, so I think my pickins are themed around making the day a little brighter and happy!

Here we go!

Can't wait to try this light looking meal!

 I never know where to hang pictures.  Here is a great tool for that!

If it's going to be winter, this is how I want it to look. Rarely happens.

I am longing for spring, big time!  

Here are a few DIY bracelets; cute!

 Something about her is so fresh and beautiful. Makes me think of summer.

 Eric says I need more of this in my life and I happened to stumble across this cute tank!

 Can't wait to purchase a pair of these Toms ballet flats.


Michelle P said...

Love all of this.

Oh and just so you know, I made the baked spaghetti last night, and it was so good!

Megan said...

That hanging picture guide is great!

Anna said...

Goodness I love all of these! That meal looks so delicious. Those picture frame ideas are perfect. The field of flowers makes me want spring time SO bad. Although it's been feeling great outside down here! And I want some TOMs ballet flats too!

thanks for sharing!


Torie said...

That tank top is awesome! I absolutely adore that saying! Saving those picture ideas ;) and I am DYING for a pair of Toms flats!

:: Laura :: said...

I want some Tom's Flats too! Just wish they weren't so expensive!!

Live Simply- Live Well said...

Good night I spend so many hours on thT blasted sight. Love pint rest!

Callie Lynch said...

Hi! Love you're blog! Tom's ballet flats!! Haven't heard of these yet, but I'm sure they will be in my closet as soon as I find some. Love them!

Bennett Love