Saturday, February 11, 2012


Today I want to introduce a few of my lovely sponsors to you all. 

If you haven't met them yet, definitely go check them out.  They're all fantastic and I love reading their blogs!  

Each are all so unique.

Aubrey from The Kinch Life 

1. I am married. To the most amazing man out there, Andrew. We promised our forever to each other October 1, 2010 and have enjoyed all the choas of our life together so far.
2. I am a Christian. God is beautiful and he is good, always.
3. I have a 6 year old step-son, Drake. He is the biggest blessing and I love him more then words can explain.
4. I am a daddy's girl; we danced to I Loved Her First at my wedding and we both cried a lot; the ugly sobbing though so no pictures will ever be seen. ;)
5. I am addicted to EOS [looks like an egg] chapstick.
6. I have multiple tattoos and am no where near finished getting them. Most have flowers and bible verses.
7. I sang the National Anthem for a basketball game in middle school, once. Was too scared to ever do it again.
8. I used to love school. Now, I hate it. I went for Elementary Education and stopped when I started planning our wedding. Will I go back?? Eventually but probably for Nursing.
9. Baking is my passion. I operate {Little Cakes} for fun.
10. I work as a full-time nanny for a beautiful toddler, Elle. It makes me want my own, soon.
11. I am obsessed with Target. I am there 4...5 times a week. Literally.
12. I am notorious for sending Christmas Cards out the day after Thanksgiving. I get a lot of crap for it but I am just wayyyyy prepared. ;)
13. I suck at math.
14. It's my dream to have a southern accent where I can say "bless your heart" and it would be accepted. Plus I love country music.
15. I "suffer" [that's what people call it but it isn't that extreme] from migraines.
16. I am a chronic organizer.
17. I ran into a wall chasing my brother when I was 5. I now have a sexy Harry Potter-like scar.
18. Elf is my favorite movie.
19. Top 5 words that describe me are: loud, bubbly [my husband says warm], loyal, passionate & a people pleaser.
20. I have a Husky/Samoyed dog, Brutus. He's huge and goofy and I love him SO much.


"Hey everyone! My name is Anna, and I am still pretty new to blogging. I am currently a college student studying accounting, and I eventually would like to go into auditing. I have an Etsy shop; check out Annabee's Designs! I create and design notecards and sell at local craft shows. I also sell Premier Designs High Fashion Jewelry. This is a wonderful direct sales company, who has strong values to its core in the Christian faith. I am really just your average twenty something year old. I am so blessed with a wonderful family and sweet friends. I don't know where I would be today without the support of them! 

I decided to begin writing a blog after reading others and meeting many lovely people. There are so many out there who have inspired me to reflect on many things I love, like family, crafting (especially diy), baking, hair/beauty, fashion, and many more things. Although I enjoy studying accounting (for some reason!), I really enjoy my creative outlets, and this is one of them. I want to take this year to really have some time each day to do things I love and take a break from school and work. So far with blogging, I have realized how many people are out there who are so wonderful to take time and just send an encouraging comment or email. Those really do make my day! 

I am looking forward to meeting new people, being inspired, and hopefully inspiring others along the way. Come stop by and maybe stay a while!" 


Abbi from True Blue Abbi

My name's Abbigayle Rashae, I'm 14 and homeschooled, and started True Blue Abbi the end of June in 2010.
I love posting Inspiration photos from Tumblr and my personal fashion.
I hope to start an Etsy shoppe soon, so look out!
-XO Abbigayle Rashae


Lindsey from Sensible Nonsense

 My name is Lindsey, I am a former 7th grade teacher (crazy, I know) But I loved it! My hubby and I have been married for almost 5 years now and God has blessed us with a perfect little angel named Turner. He is now 9 months old and growing bigger everyday! I started my blog as a way to occupy my extra time and fill the void that teaching left in my heart. On my blog you will find anything including crafts, recipes, product reviews and stories from my crazy life. Some of my favorites are when my little man hacks my blog and tells you about his daily discoveries. I look forward to meeting new people and I hope you enjoy my sensible nonsense!

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