Friday, February 22, 2013

bare toenails for a year? then why so much polish...

i painted my nails today and it's something i do like, oh maybe like a couple times a month or so.  today's color is pretty and i love it, but i've always been more of a sucker for painting my toenails.

did you know i have not painted my toenails in over a year!  ugly, i know.  i never had bare toenails in the summer but i decided that i needed to let them air out for a while and i probably won't be painting them this summer either. polish really makes them yellow and my poor nails needed to be natural for a while. a long while at that.

well, enter my polish collection.  for someone who doesn't use it that often, i sure have a large stockpile. just the other day i asked my mom if she wanted any because i need to part with over half of it.  she said no, so i'm still stuck with it.  if any of you want some, just let me know.  i think i will sell some of it at our yardsale this summer. people go nuts for beauty products, even if they are used.

most of mine are either o.p.i or china glaze and the rest are drug store brands.  some i bought because i needed it just for one evening or something and lots i buy when they are running deals, but i need to quit!  i don't even use it much so why do i buy?  i haven't purchased any for probably several months now, but still.  i have every color under the rainbow so i think i'm good for now.

i have other obnoxious collections of beauty products, but this one to me is silly since it's one i use probably the least.

on a side note, this is how i've been wearing my hair a lot lately.  i love it because it's styled, but so simple and can be worn both casual or out on the town.  it takes 10 mins to do with hot-rollers and then i just pin the front back and it's done.  super simple and pretty quick, too.

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Lindsey Hohman said...

Girl I am right there with you on the polish... I don't even paint my own nails! What's wrong with me?? I LOVE that hair!

Pamela said...

The nail polish looks good on you!! I absolutely love your hair style!!

Caitlin said...

Love that color! I just bought a lovely grey color that I'm super excited about. I have the same problem with my toenails, by the way...they get yellow and brittle and then I get super self-conscious about it.

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Such a cute hairstyle on you! And girl, that color on your nails is SO pretty! I love it!

Janna Renee said...

I've been trying to let my toenails air out too!