Thursday, February 28, 2013

my skincare routine

my skincare routine.

i have been asked several times to show what i use on my face on a daily basis.  this is pretty much my entire skincare routine for morning & nite.  some of these are new products for me and others are ones i have been using for an eternity. 

 here is what i use to cleanse my face in the morning & nite.  when it comes to cleansers, i am not particular to a certain brand or type, so these are all rather new in the lineup as it seems i always change things up. 

* the eye makeup remover is something i have used for a couple of years now.  it is by far my favorite because it's not oily whatsoever and removes every bit of makeup with one cotton ball.

* i picked up these pond's towelettes a couple weeks ago when i saw they were on sale.  i use these at nite a couple of times a week when i'm lazy and don't feel like putting too much effort into removing the makeup.  i add some water to make them later a bit more and i like the result.

* the foamingly clean by benefit is pretty new to me because i had asked santa for it this past year and i got it.  i use it at nite to remove my makeup and i like the way it works, plus it has be best scent i've ever had in a product.

* the aveeno daily scrub is one i have been using for about 6 months now and i use it in the shower every morning.  it's gentle enough to use daily and i feel it wipes off all the oil that's accumulated overnite, along with my heavier face and eye creams that i used last nite.

the next set are the products i use for prevention and protection.  i have been using these products for years, literally.   

* this mask is one of my favorite facial products, ever.  you can read my review here on why i am obsessed.  i use this about twice a week or so after i shower and my face is clean, or any time i am lazy and don't remove my make up before bed.

* i also did a review on the day & nite solution by mary kay that you can read, and also find out why i am so partial to these two.  i don't plan on ever not using these because they keep my face protected from the sun and also repair what the weather's elements have done while i sleep.  both are amazing. 

and, finally, probably the most important aspect of all is the moisturizing step.

* the aloe soothing day cream is the moisturizer i use every day.  i have been using for several years now and love it.  the vitamin E nite cream has been a god send for me.  i also did a spotlight on it because it's so amazing.

* this danielle laroche eye cream is something that i picked up at marshall's a while back and i like it fairly well.  like the cleansers, i'm not too partial on eye creams so i will probably get something else when this runs out.  i like it, but i'm still on a mission to find the perfect one!

* any burt's bees lip balm is a given when it comes to keeping lips nice and soft. i use this every nite before bed, but i also have some others that i use in the morning and throughout the day. this is just always in my bathroom, so i swipe it on.

so that is basically my skincare routine in a nutshell.  if you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask or tell away.  when it comes to beauty, i'm pretty much a fanatic and a beauty product hoarder so i have a lot and have used a lot.

 hope this helped!

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The Pink Growl said...

I have been looking for a good night cream/eye cream to use! Do you use the eye stuff in AM & PM?

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Thanks for the reviews! I am looking for a good facial moisturizer so I am definitely looking into that day cream! :)

Caitlin said...

Oh my goodness, haah, this is awesome! I need to get into some sort of a routine. My face wash routine is literally non-existent (as a teen when I washed my face it broke out) and my idea of "eye makeup remover" is my pillow. Or the shower. haha!

Jane said...

You forgot to put a close up of that beautiful skin!! Very cool. My routine includes eye makeup remover and tap water, that's as fancy as I get. I should probably work on that...

Lovely blog. Now following!

Harley & Jane

Janna Renee said...

When I need face scrub again, I am totally going to try the Aveeno. I have been trying to find a new one that my face will like forever. Most of them make me break out.