Thursday, June 27, 2013

a pre-supper snack.

i visited one of my favorite stores today - trader joe's.  i can't tell you how happy it makes me feel stepping into that store.  monday starts my gluten-free kick, or at least i'm going to try it out and i better have enough self-control to stick it out, so today i picked up a few items so i can test out the waters.

this evening before supper i was ravenous.  i then remembered that i had picked up baby carrots, along with a tomato & basil hummus. filling, but not too much, i decided i would munch on a few of these before i ate.  it did satisfy my craving for sure and it was such a delicious combo!

what else do you guys eat with hummus that is gluten-free besides carrots?  pita bread is out of the question and i can't think of too many other options really. i love that there are so many different varieties of hummus because it's super tasty!

i have to admit that i'm pretty nervous about starting on monday and even though i know it will be good for my stomach, skin, and mind, my body sure is going to freak out without its daily fix of chocolate & sweets, that's for sure. 

keeping my fingers crossed!


Susan said...

Cucumbers!! I loveeee me some cucumbers and hummus. Celery probably wouldn't be bad either. But cucumbers are for the win.

Kari McCormick said...

I always eat celery with hummus. And bell pepper strips!!!