Thursday, October 17, 2013

memory lane.

last summer i moved away from home (a whopping 45 minutes) and that was a pretty big deal for my family (right, dad?!).  we are super, super close and most people think we're nuts and probably abnormal for how close we really are, but for unmentionable and mentionable reasons, i just had to get away.  i still see everyone all the time so it's like i am not really even gone, however sometimes it feels like i'm a million miles away. 

i moved to a city that has more than quadruple the people as my hometown, so it's a huge change, although where i live now is where i have spent my whole life shopping, eating, and hanging out, as i was growing up

last week while my parents were on vacation, i went back home and went on a ride with my grandma & grandpa.  a ride consists of getting in their truck, driving through mcdonald's to get coffee, and driving through the countryside for an hour looking at wildlife, new happenings, what's going on in the county, and whatnot. 

this particular outing i got really homesick.  i am sure part of it was the fact my parents were gone, but i just missed living so close to my family and everything back home.  below is a list of a few things i jotted down that i missed.  i know there are probably a ton of others, but these came to mind.

i'm sure i'll never move back, but the 30 years i lived there were pretty great.

being around my parents, sisters, and grandparents mostly.

just two minutes from the only grocery store in town.

the local farmers market.

my old walking route.

a hometown pharmacy.

seeing my old house.

knowing my dogs are buried there.

all the old memories.

the special deals you get from people knowing who you are.

five minute drive time to anywhere in town.

our prison looking like a mall.

the twin towers.

just driving around town.

7000 people.

2 stoplights.

seeing people you know, as annoying as it is at the same time.


Live Simply- Live Well said...

This is beautiful. I wish I lived close to family just for the day to day interactions.

I'm sorry it made you sad, but I know how blessed you re to ave such sweet memories.

Lindsey Hohman said...

Girl, I can totally relate to this. I moved away in college but that was never "permanent" so it didn't feel like I was leaving home. Now, I couldn't imagine being even 45 minutes away from them.... I am a homebody through and through :) Beautifully written as always!

Janna Renee said...

I miss my hometown too! We weren't as small as that, but it had a lot of small town qualities. I mostly miss family, but at least we will be closer when we move!

misty said...

There really is no place like home.
It's familiar comfort is so soothing.
And it will always be there.
Your home town sounds quaint & beautiful!!