Monday, January 30, 2012

oh, Monday.

I woke up this morning feeling like I had been hit by a truck.  I probably had at least 5 attempts at trying to crawl out of bed before 7 but just couldn't.  

Not sure why I felt this way; no sleep aids last nite, don't think I'm getting sick....  Maybe it's because my bed is new or maybe it's because we were out until 3a on Saturday and I was running on empty yesterday.  Or, stress!
Don't know.

But I wanted to get up, get the day moving, and plan out some meals for the week.
I don't really have time this week to cook a lot, so I found one of my favorite cookbooks called, '29 minutes to dinner' from Pampered Chef.  I am going to try make all my meals from here since I'll be short on time.  

Hopefully I can stay on track this week and not falter like I normally do with meal planning.

Monday: Paprika Chicken & Egg Noodles

Tuesday: Brown Butter Tortellini with Spinach & Ham

Wednesday: Ultimate Peppercorn Burgers

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: eat @ hockey game

Saturday: Grilled Tilapia with Pineapple Salsa

Sunday: super bowl party

This week is going to be super busy for me.  It's getting to be crunch time for taking my boards and I really need to spend more time studying than I am now.  It seems I always, always find other things that need done. That's the a.d.d. in me; can't focus on one thing at a time, ever!

 And, I need to make up for lost time yesterday.  I got nothing done yesterday because I went out Saturday nite.  I feel like I wasted an entire day!
Here are a couple of pics from the Sisters Nite, though.

This is how I wore my hair. It was really cute and I got a lot of compliments on it; hopefully I can do a tutorial on it soon!

My sisters & me!

I hope your weekend was fun and you have a fabulous week!


Live Simply- Live Well said...

Love the hair! So cute.

liz_oosterhof said...

Let me know how well you stick to your plan- I may be in the market for that cookbook!!

Jessica said...

Saturday's meal sounds SO delicious!
Let us know how it goes :)


Trish said...

Tuesday's dinner sounds wonderful. Can you come cook it at my house? HAHA!

my soul is the sky said...

your hair is so cute! that's definitely a good look ;) I'm looking forward to your tutorial!