Saturday, February 4, 2012

oops, i did it again.

I hate when I do this!

I went to bed last nite without washing my face. 

It may not seem like a big deal to some, but for me it is. That's the time for repair and really is what helps to keep the face clear and healthy. 
This happens maybe like, once a month.  
I try to do it no matter how tired I am, how bad my head hurts, or how lazy I'm feeling, but I just couldn't help it last nite.  I had a migraine and just went straight to bed after we got home about 1am.
I always wake up feeling so nasty and unhappy.  I then try to redeem myself by using a mask after I wash my face.  I think that it somehow reaches way down deep into my pores and sucks out all of yesterday's dirt and nastiness.  I don't know if it really does, but I hope.
 I had just posted about the night cream that I love so much, but it didn't get the chance to work its magic last nite.  


Hopefully after I rinse off my mask, I will feel much more refreshed and clean.
I will then apologize to my face and promise not to do this again. 

Until next time. . . .

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Emily B said...

Ugh I hate when that happens. I always feel so slimy when I wake up.