Sunday, February 5, 2012


Jeans are probably my favorite clothes item to buy.  
I hate trying them on because they never fit the same, but I love to find a good pair.  I have so many different brands that I love, but my favorite fit is flare.  I remember my first pair - it was about 1997 and I was the first of my friends to have them.  
Fell in love.  Still love them.
But, I recently read an article somewhere how flare jeans are basically a thing of the past and won't be making a comeback into the fashion scene.  I know it's probably true since skinny and straight jeans are taking over, but I am not happy about this.  

Say it aint so!

I don't wear skinny or straight jeans.  I know that's crazy, but I just don't like them on my body.  
 I just feel that they really accentuate every part I don't want them to and I don't like the way my feet look.  
They look great with a lot of styles, but I just feel awkward wearing them and I know that's probably awkward to hear since they're the craze these days.

Back in the day I used to think flares would never go away because there was no way in hell that tapered would come back, and here we are!  Some people look great in skinny jeans and well, others wear them and shouldn't, but that's fine.

To each their own.

They can keep creating fashion pieces with them, but I will be so upset if my beloved flares are ever discontinued.

What do you think?

What's your favorite style of jeans?


Ellie Coburn said...

Just found your blog. Love it! This post kind of makes me want to go out and try on a pair of flares just for laughs. Who knows....I've always been afraid I wouldn't pull them off.

Because you asked....I hate jeans but have become addicted to boyfriend jeans (SO COMFORTABLE)

alright just wanted to drop in and say...I'll be following.

Love to you!

:: Laura :: said...

I love bootcut and boyfriend jeans. Straight let and skinny look HORRIBLE on me too!

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

I like skinny jeans, and boot cute, and trouser, and wide leg, and flare, and boyfriend...I guess I like them all. I love how you can have a bunch of different styles that give you a different look each time.


Liz with the Lovely Life said...

Oh flares! I like them too but can't seem to find any any more and the ones I have aren't the best fitting anymore (they are from like grade 11-and I am 22 now..)

Perhaps you should check out my blog today lady!! Have a great day!

Live Simply- Live Well said...

I only have 2 pair of jeans, and some Jean capri's. I just don't love wearing jeans. Maybe because I have only ever had cheap jeans, and have never forked out the cash for nice ones, but I've never found them super comfortable. But, when I do wear jeans, I wear bootcut.

Stephanie said...

NO!! Flares are so flattering. I basically alternate between bootcut and skinnies but I like the option of flares. Who makes these fashion rules anyway? I bet if there's enough demand, they'll keep making flares :)

Anonymous said...

i used to be obsessed with this cut of jean! now i have gained wayyyy too much weight to even look good in any jeans. its a sad world really when i cant even manage to squeeze into some cute denim!

great blog <3