Wednesday, September 26, 2012

smooth swap.

I have a friend who is the couponing queen.  I actually saw one of her CVS receipts, and from that store only since the beginning of the year, she had saved over $7000!  I have to admit, I am a bit jealous.  I wish I had the time, patience, and skill to figure couponing out.  I went to a class once, but I left so confused that I didn't really get too into it.  The best deal I've gotten is a free razor because I figured out one deal and I was quite proud.

About a month back I asked her if she would be interested in swapping stuff.  I would give her some of my clothes for some of her stuff.  I gave her about 3 bags of summer clothes and here is what she gave me.

Quite cool, huh?  I thought so.  This is definitely over $100 worth of stuff that I don't have to buy for a while.  Then a couple weeks later she brought me a bag of dish soap, allergy medicine, toothbrushes, gum, and some kleenex. 

I thought this was a pretty good swap.  I have tons of winter clothes that I don't want so I may see if she's up for another swap.

Do you coupon? Do you ever swap stuff like this with others?

It's fun.


Lisa said...

thats a pretty good deal!

Janna Renee said...

Wow! You made out like a bandit! I like saving, but I don't think I could ever save that much. Haha.

Live Simply- Live Well said...

Wow! That is a great idea!you got so much stuff.

Stacia said...

Swapping sounds like fun! I want to come and join ;)

I agree...quite a deal for you both!

My Froley said...

We don't have couponing in London, but I've seen shows on it, and from what I saw (and can see from these pictures) is that you end up with loaaads of the same thing. I live in a tiny apartment and if I had anymore than 1 of everything I would have NO space to put it. I would proabbly do it with food, but... I dunno, I wouldn't 10 tubs of peanut butter just because I'd saved money on it...

I am currently hosting a blog hop over at my blog :-)

Nicola Purkins said...

Hi :)
Your blog is so cute - so sparkly, I love it :)
I wish in the UK they had something like couponing, although like yourself i might just find it a bit much to understand! Good haul from your friend though x

my soul is the sky said...

what a great deal, you've sure got a great friend!