Monday, October 1, 2012

{diy} transplanting a plant.

Ever since I got my own place I have been obsessed with plants.  It seems like I'm adding a new plant or two every year and I've got quite a few.  A few months back, I cut off a part of a plant at work because I needed a new one to pot.  I really am running out of space for all of them, but they really are such a part of who I am.  My house is filled with greenery of all kinds. I will save details for another post, but I couldn't wait to get this little gem in a cup of water and watch the roots grow.

Basically what you do when you cut off a stem of leaves is throw it in a cup of water for a few weeks or so {I actually left mine in for probably 6} and roots will grow.  You have to be sure to keep adding water every now and then because some will evaporate. Once it has roots that means it is ok to go ahead and plant. 

Below are the steps you take to transplant this from a piece of a plant to your own....then watch it grow!

This is how your sprout looks in a cup and where it has grown roots for the last few weeks.

Grab any pot that you want.  I don't like the plain boring ones, so mine always have some sort of design or look nice.  This is probably 9" tall and 7" wide, so I would say it's probably medium in size.  

I always like to get mine with drainage built in, meaning it's got holes in the bottom for the water to drain out of.  This one also has a built in tray thing so I don't have to buy a clear plastic one or find one to add.

Some say since it's got built in drainage then you don't need to add any rocks, but I always do that way it's not just dirt in the bottom and the rocks offer their own drainage system.  Any small rocks will do.  

Just place rocks in the bottom of the pot.

I like to use Miracle Grow that comes in these big green bags.  It's filled with nutrients that keep my plant healthy and living.

Begin adding the potting soil on top of the rocks and continue filling until about 2/3 full so there is still room to add the plant.

Now, it's time to place the cute sprout you grew into its new home.  Pull the roots out a bit so they aren't all connected to each other.  This will ensure the roots will grow downwards as it begins to grow.

Keep filling with more soil until it's almost full.  Also, make sure your plant is centered in the middle because you don't want it to grow crooked or be contained to one side of the pot.  I have done that before and although it's not real harmful, it looks weird. {at this point a light bulb went off that told me the cup that held the plant would work nicely for adding the remainder of the dirt, to save time}

After the sprout is planted, dirt is filled in, and it's ready to is the time to water it.  This is a very important step.  Although the roots have been soaking in water for weeks, the soil around needs to be wettened to provide a nice environment.

When you're done with that and you let the excess water drain out, place the pot in your favorite spot because you're all done.  You now have a plant of your own that you grew from a little baby.  

This is such a fun and cheap way to get a new plant.  I have done this several times so I've got several of the same family of plants in my house.
This is a type of philodendron in case you're wondering.
They are very easy to grow, adapt to medium light, and need a good watering about once a week or when the soil becomes pretty dry.

Let me know if you have any questions or anything (:


Kristin O'Leary said...

Wow, Lesley! I didn't know it was that easy...
I will have to try this. I love plants but can't seem to keep them alive. This could have something to do with my lack of noticing them, so they basically go without water. Ugh.
I will try again bc of yoU!

Janna Renee said...

You make this look fabulously easy...but I have a BLACK thumb. I kill every plant I come in contact with. So sad. Haha.

Stacia said...

I want to go plant something now. Love the little pot :)

my soul is the sky said...

I need more plants in my life. This pot is such a gorgeous color. Love this change up.