Friday, December 21, 2012

it can't be the end.


good lord, it's the friday before christmas already. 

i have a migraine going on day 3 now.  not fun, but i'm going to make the best of the day.

here i am last minute shopping again, with 3 people left to buy for.  i tell you - men are so hard to shop for.  us girls, we're easy.  anything to do with hair and makeup, clothes, crafts, food, gift comes so easy.  but men.  yeah, i'm not sure what i'll get the men in my life.  by that i mean the love, my dad, and bro-in-law.

tonite i've got a friend's birthday party to celebrate.  does this sound fun or what?  we're meeting at the casino/hotel, taking a bus, which will be stocked with drinks to a restaurant, and from there to a chocolate bar. then, back to the hotel to enjoy more drinks, play some board games, drink some more, and then hit up the slot machines. 

by the way, what time is the world supposed to end? 
i hope it's not before i get all my fun in for the day.  i watched a documentary the other nite on the history channel about 2012 apocalypse and if it goes down the way they talked, i'm just going to lay in bed under the covers while it happens.  it's not gonna happen tho.  remember they way everyone was freaked out about y2k? we're still here.

what are your evening plans? anything fun?

be safe and enjoy (:


Lisa said...

I have to finish my shopping too! a couple gift cards left lol.
And my night is packing to leave town for a week.
Have a wonderful hoilday!


The Pink Growl said...

I am dreading finishing up my shopping this weekend! Love those glitter balls! :)

Raquel said...

Ugh I hear ya! Men are definitely much harder to shop for!

Susan said...

Sounds like you are going to have a fun evening!! Love the picture of the sparkly ornaments too! I need to send you an email soon... big things to chat about! xoxo

jessica said...

i had NO CLUE what to get my brother and bro in law for christmas. seriously i walked around the mens department in target the other day for a good minute in search for my bro in law a gift..finally just settled on a plaid shirt. and my brother will just get a gift card. they both only got one present from me since i have no clue what they want and they wouldn't give me any ideas.

damn, girl, sounds like you're going to have a blast tonight! i definitely wanna get out and have some drinks and fun tonight if i can handle the freaking cold. it makes me not wanna do anything. wah.

merry christmas, lesley!!!

Lindsay @ sunshine & soul said...

I agree, men are always the hardest to shop for. And I still have last minute shopping to do, too - in the middle of a snowstorm! I think we both need some luck :) Have a great weekend!

Lynette Marie said...

Men ARE so hard to shop for! I've been having mini heart attacks all week trying to figure out what to buy my dad and husband. Girls are easy. We go anywhere, Wal-mart, the fruit market, Home Depot, wherever, and we will find something we want and we will comment on it. Men? Never. They don't want things, I've decided. Not little things anyway. Just TV's and expensive gadgets and tickets to games. Yeesh.

Cute blog, by the way! You're gorgeous. I thought it was cute scrolling down to a post of things you were grateful for, and you said you were grateful for a pretty face to put make up on. That tickled me so much, but it was precious! How many women nowadays, at this age, can actually admire their own beauty in a non-snobby way and appreciate themselves? Very cool, girl. :)

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Haha! I definitely remember all the Y2K drama, ha! Anyway, I'm glad we survived last Friday too. ;) Merry Christmas, friend!

Janna Renee said...

A chocolate bar sounds yummy!!