Wednesday, January 30, 2013

cardio/strengthing daily routine!

this morning i woke up late and knew that i wasn't going to get much of a workout in because we had errands to run and then we're going to see ellie goulding tonite!

i drank some ovaltine and decided to head out on a walk, but when i got about 2 minutes in, i had to turn around.  i think it was probably around 50, but so super windy that even dutch was bothered by the wind. i was a little agitated because i haven't gotten a good walk in in about a week because of work or weather and today wasn't going to work either.

later i was browsing pinterest and ran across this.  it's blended with a good amount of cardio and strengthening.  this is something that would be good to do in addition to a daily routine or on the days when you can't get outside.

i'm definitely going to be trying this out today!  it definitely doesn't look easy, but hopefully gives some good results. 

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Lisa said...

please tell me how this goes.. i know its not easy!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Sorry you haven't been able to get a good walk in! Hopefully this workout will work out for you! :)