Monday, May 6, 2013

do you know what i do for a living?

how do i answer the question, 'what do you do' without actually telling you?  well, here it is.  

i work in a hospital on a cardiac floor, rarely sitting down for my twelve hour shifts.  i get to wear comfy scrubs, rarely have to do my hair, and can wear minimal makeup, if i want {but knowing me, and from this post, you know i don't skimp on the makeup}. 

i pass meds, give injections, teach patients, help the sick to feel better, put people on bedpans, and start ivs.  there are days i see my patients cry, their family members needing reassurance while shedding tears, and sadly, witnessing the passing of some every now and then.

most days are stressful, but there are positive aspects of the job, like working three days a week, hot doctors, meeting so many different individuals, making people feel good, and greater self-worth.  one thing i have definitely learned is that i have to take care of myself as well.  always caring for others can lead to self-neglect - going to the bathroom once a day, eating lunch on the go or not at all, and not getting enough water to drink.  i have to be on top of my game, which can be hard for me since i am scatterbrained and have ocd, but it works most days. 

i'm not sure if this is my calling in life, but i can say that i like what i do, which is a first for me.  there is such a variety in each day that i am rarely bored.  in most cases i can't keep up because my floor is a busy one, making the days pass quickly.  this job isn't for everyone and i never saw myself doing this about five years ago.  somehow i changed along the way and have adapted to hospital life quite well. 

who knows how long i will stay in this particular job, but for now i plan to enjoy the daily learning experiences and the relationships i form with so many unique individuals. 

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Caitlin said...

Awesome :) Are you a nurse, then? My mom is an RN but works with an insurance company now.

Nikki said...

I'm gonna venture to guess your a nurse! How fun! I always thought about it but never flowed it through.

Emily B said...

Happy nurses appreciation week!

So,do you wear Danskos with your scrubs?