Thursday, July 18, 2013

ck one summer.

i have a couple favorite perfumes, but my signature smell is patchouli and that's what most people know as my scent.  every now and then i like to add some additional fragrance and i'll choose the perfumes i have on hand.  i am not really into buying new perfumes, but when i saw and smelled this one i knew i had to have it.

i think the coloring and the bottle drew me in first, plus i've always loved ck one.  the turquoise and bright green combo really grabbed my attention, plus it has textured water beads on the bottle that looked neat.  the smell of this is something i can't even really describe.  all i can say is that it's refreshing & clean. i think it is supposed to have a water, floral, citrus, spicy, smell if that makes sense.  one of the first things i think of when it hits my nose is summer though, so nice job!

yesterday at work a guy asked me birthday options for his girlfriend. i was thinking of this perfume so i asked if he remembered ck one from back in the day.  he kind of looked at me odd and said no.  hmm.  he told me he was 22 and i almost did a forehead slap for two reasons. . .1) it made me feel very old being almost 10 years older than him and 2) ck one was popular when i was in high school and then sorta faded out.

point being, this is a unisex fragrance, so it's not too girly, not too manly.  since i wear it, i cannot honestly really see SH wearing it, but it also is not too young or old lady like.

i am seriously in heaven with this.

another point of interest.  i guess they make this an annual summertime thing, so each summer there is a new scent.  that's good and bad i guess.  i look forward to the next one coming out, however i'm not sure if this seasons will then be available when i run out.  i guess i'll figure that out when the time comes.  the pretty price tag on this runs about $50, so i am not looking to purchase a second bottle right now.

do any of you wear this yet?  if not, you definitely won't go wrong.  this could potentially be my next signature smell, second to the patchouli, that's how much i love it!

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Stacia {simply stacia ~ the blog} said...

CK always had a great line!! I LOVE LOVE Clinique's Happy. Nothing compares in the Spring/Summer. For fall? Amarige by Givenchy.

Happy Weekend to you !!!!!

Good choices, by the way ;)