Sunday, January 22, 2012


It's not unusual for me to wake up feeling perturbed since I do suffer from anxiety, but today it just really got to me.  I woke up with thoughts racing through my head of things I needed to do by noon; I woke up at 10, with a headache, keep in mind.

It didn't help that as I looked out my window I saw remnants of the weekend's ice mixed with new fallen wetness and not an ounce of sunshine in the sky. 

Last nite while at the hockey game I lost my cell phone! Hopefully it's in lost & found, otherwise I'll be getting a new phone, sans sim card ----> no contacts. My phone is the first thing I thought about as I woke up and I called it in hopes that someone would pick up and tell me where it is.

Then, I realized that today wasn't going to work out for me to pick up my new furniture, but my uncle called and told me he would so graciously drive the 45 minutes and bring it to me.  It was a super sweet gesture and I now have a couch and loveseat again!

Trying to study for my boards is really stressful as well because I really have no motivation to do so and have to force myself.  I paid for an online review program that's really helping with studying, and motivation. . who would have thought, but it's getting down to the wire and I need to be more proactive.

So here it is evening and I'm just now getting to my post.  My day didn't turn out too shabby really, thanks to a couple meds, but still, things semi worked out.  

I am a constant worrier and it really affects me, but I guess that is what makes me who I am.  My anxiety gets pretty ugly, and it has gotten worse over the last year and I honestly let it get the best of me.  How do you handle the stresses in your life?  I try to read, exercise, and distract myself and it works...sometimes

Tomorrow starts a new week, so I will just stay positive and make the best of it, while trying to maximize each opportunity I have to do what I need.  Oh, and my new camera came so I can't wait to check it out and share some beauties!

On a sweet and happier note, here is a picture of us from last nite.