Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hair How-To: 3 Barrel Waver

I really wish I had video capabilities right now so you could watch me do this, but this will have to do.  It's pretty easy to do so this shouldn't be a problem to follow.  

This is how I did my hair yesterday and it was my second day hair - I only wash my hair every other day.

I used a Vidal Sassoon 3 barrel waver, that I had forgotten I owned.  I have seriously had it for probably about 10 years so I was surprised the thing even heated up, but it did and I was able to do this do.  I don't think this style looks that great honestly.  To me it looks a bit like a perm, but that's because the barrels are pretty small.  They do sell a waver with much larger barrels so the waves are a lot bigger, but I don't own it.  Yet. 

This was super simple to do and I'll walk you through it.  First, I ran some texturizing glaze through the ends to give it something to hold to.  I then sprayed on my heat protection spray.  You don't have to use either of these products, and hairspray probably would do the trick, as well.  I then sectioned my hair off so just the bottom part was down, and clipped up the top part. I just grabbed a small section, maybe 2" wide, and started at the roots and clamped the sucker down.  Hold for maybe 7 seconds, unclamp, and keep moving towards the end of the hair.  Basically you just section off the next upper layer and do the same thing to each of those small sections of hair until you get the crown.  When I get to the crown, I like to follow in the same pattern of where my part is and all.  I do the two sides and then the back part of the hair separately.  I then sprayed just a small amount of hairspray, not overkill because it will look too weird then.  I know sometimes with curls it's a good idea to run your fingers through to break up the curls, but that's not something to do with this look because it will tend to make it a bit frizzy.  If you were to spray each piece with hairspray before waving, it may work then because the sections will be stiffer and more stuck together.  This is a simple, loose look here. 

That's basically the look in a nutshell.  It's really easy to do and took me probably 25 minutes and doesn't take a lot of product.  I have super straight hair, but you could even do this look if you had a bit of a wave to yours.  Would also work well on shorter hair and it would probably even hold a bit better.

Products used: you don't have to use any product, but having something in your hair will help it hold.
  • Alterna Hemp Organics texturizing glaze
  • Suave heat protection spray
  • Sexy Hair Soya Want Full Hair hairspray
Maybe next time I'll have a video.  I hope this helps you and let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks!

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