Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I realized in my first post that I didn't really mention much about myself, personally, and I only posted a few tidbits about what I like relating to the blog. 

I am Lesley and I just turned 30 this past August.  Yes, I said it, 30.  On a typical day I don't really feel 30 because I guess I'm still a kid a heart in a lot of ways, but when I do think about actually being this age, well, it kind of scares me.  I just feel like life is racing by and there is so much that I wanted to have accomplished by this age and still want to.  I know people say, 'oh you're still so young,' and yes that's true in a number sense, but in terms of having babies, traveling, and being comfortable in many ways....I'm just beginning that part or haven't even gotten there, eeeeek.

Two major accomplishments have happened just in the last few years that have completely made me a different person and changed me in so many ways.  I got married to my wonderful, beautiful (he hates when I say that, but it's true), and perfect husband, Eric.  We met in a weird sort of way and everything worked out as fate would have it.  Also, this past December I graduated from an Accelerated nursing program where I got my 2nd Bachelors in 15 months.  Praise the Lord that is over, but now the scary part of real life starts, which if you know me, you know this gives me more anxiety than I was already dealing with before, ha!

I have 3 dogs - Dutch, who is my baby boy; Sandea & Harris are both strays that we took in.  I am a sucker for dogs and one day may be featured on whatever that show is about animal hoarding, or so my sister tells me.  But I'm not ashamed (:  Eric and I want to move away from my hometown in the next year or two to somewhere in the south.  I love the ocean.  No, I mean I truly, madly, deeply, love the ocean and I want to be as close as I can.  We have lots to prepare for the move, but we will do it. 

Ok, almost done.  I guess I am doing this blog as an outlet for my overactive and very lively mind.  This new year is going to be exciting for us, so I hope you enjoy reading about what we're up to, what kind of things I have running through my mind each day, and our journey through life. 


Amy Craig said...

Beachwise...I would have to say Fort Myers, FL. It's amazing and I would move there in a heartbeat!

- Lesley said...

That is a nice area! We are thinking of Clearwater/St. Pete because we love it there and also have family that lives there. Right now, anything will do because I'm ready for a change from this cold (: