Wednesday, November 21, 2012

me: A to Z.

I saw this over at Lauren's blog and thought it would be fun to do.  I love to do little things like this, so as I'm delaying bedtime more and more, because I have to work tomorrow on Thanksgiving, this will help to pass the time. 

A. age:31

B. bed size:king

C. chore you hate: dishes. it puts me in such a bad mood.

D. dogs: dutch & harris. extreme opposites in size and personality, yet they get along so well.

E. essential start to your day: cereal. i crave it, daily.

F. favorite color: turquoise & purple.

G. gold or silver: i'm liking gold more and more these days.

H. height: 5'7"

I. instruments you play: nothing anymore, sadly. i taught myself to play piano, but haven't touched one in years, and also did clarinet in jr. high.

J. job title: nurse.

K. kids: just my dogs.

L. live: illinois.

M. married: 4 years ago in jamaica!

N. nicknames: none really.

O. overnight hospital stays: knock on wood, none yet. close, but no cigar.

P. pet peeve: people who drive slower than me, interrupters, poor grammar, know-it-alls.

Q. quote: "
who are you to judge the life i live? I know im not perfect and i dont live to be, but before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean." - Bob Marley.

R. righty or lefty: righty.

S. siblings: 2 younger sisters.

T. time you wake up: workdays, 5a. others, around 8a.

U. university attended: southern illinois university, kaskaskia, & greenville college.

V. vegetables you dislike: peas, cucumbers, & black olives.

W. what makes you run late: myself. as my family tells me, i 'fiddlefuck.'

X. x-rays you’ve had: mouth and neck.

Y. yummy food: chocolate, toasted ravioli, candy, pb&j toast.

Z. zoo animal favorite: i'm a sucker for all animals. 
* join in the fun and if you do, let me know so i can read about you! 


Susan said...

I will probably steal this. I will let you know when I get it posted. PS. Fiddlefuck? I've never heard that term. Hilarious! I hope working on Thanksgiving isn't too bad. I am sure your patients will be thankful for you. xoxo

Lindsay @ sunshine & soul said...

In total agreement with the commenter above: I hope you had a good Thanksgiving despite having to work, and fiddlefuck might just be new favorite word. :)

Also, should introduce myself: I'm Lindsay and I found your blog while browsing around - very cute! Click back for my ABCs. :)

Janna Renee said...

Turquoise and purple are my fave colors and I HATE dishes!!!