Saturday, March 16, 2013

some things i'm looking forward to

1.  going out for st. patty's day.  have a few green beers, irish car bombs, wear green and have some fun. it only happens once a year so why not celebrate!

2.  i started a new medicine for my anxiety so i'm curious to see how well it works.  keeping my fingers crossed because the last med i was on seemed to wear off after a few years.

3.  spring.  when will it ever be here?  i'm so tired of the 40 degree, windy, sunless days.

4.  booking a trip to vegas for my sister's graduation celebration.  hopefully sometime in may or early june!

5. being part of a new book club.  my friend introduced me to a group that she belongs to and i'll be going to the first meeting next month.  we are going to read the paris wife

6.  spending our tax money.  we didn't get back nearly what we did last year, but it will be nice to apply what little we did to our ever increasing credit card balance.

7.  showering and using my mask.  as routine as it sounds, i'm ready to get this day started and feel refreshed.

have a great weekend!

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Stacia said...

Enjoy your weekend, Pretty Lady! And your green beer :)

Kristin O'Leary said...

Yay for green beer! I would love to have some. Drink one for me too!

Caitlin said...

Good luck with the new medication! I know it can take awhile to kick in, which is insanely annoying I find.

Every time someone says "Irish Car Bomb" Rob says (jokingly), "That's racist!" hahaha

Janna Renee said...

Our tax money goes in savings, but debt is the next best thing to put it towards! You guys are doing great, and I hope your new meds work! I feel like I need some these days. Haha

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

I'm with you on being ready for some warmer weather! I hope your new medication works out well and that your St Patrick's was wonderful!