Wednesday, March 20, 2013

my third sleeping mate.

a while back i wrote a post and mentioned how i sleep with a rice filled cow.  i had several emails asking if i could please explain and possibly even show a picture of this odd creature.  besides the mr. and dutch, i share the bed with yet another guy thing. 

over the weekend while i was away having not-so-fun-drunk-sleep, i realized that i really missed this weirdo.  i guess you could say i have to sleep with a stuffed animal every nite, ha! 

it all started when my mom bought me one of these cute animals for sore muscles.  you know the drill, you have something similar to where you warm up in the microwave, place on your body, and your aches melt away.  so it started that way, but has turned into a nightly ritual.  honestly, every.single. nite.

he sleeps with me whether it's on my belly, back, or shoulder and it's like i have to have him every nite.  sure he helps out with the aches & pains, but i believe he's turned into a comfort thing as well.  as funny and childish as this sounds, it's so real.  i love my little sleeping buddy.  he even has a name now. 

it's actually almost time to get a new one since he has almost run his course, but the place my mom gets them is currently out, so i'll hold on to him for as long as he lasts or doesn't catch on fire.

seriously, if you suffer from aches and pains, get one of these little guys.  he works wonders on cramps as well.  i love having one of these little buddies for my sore muscles or other ailment.  the first one i had was a cute puppy and this little critter is a cow.  curious as to what my next one will be.

do you have any little odd quirks or buddies like mine?

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Rach @ This Italian Family said...

This is so cute! My mom got me one of these too! :)

Live Simply- Live Well said...

Cute! My snuggle buddy is my dog.