Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th!

I have about 900 things I need to be doing today and for once, I feel the energy to get started!  I'm sure in about a half hour though it's gonna go away and I'll have to force myself to get in the shower. At least I washed my hair yesterday so today will be my second day hair; that saves me about 20 mins right there, yay! 

Today is Friday the 13th though and I really don't want to leave the house.  I am very superstitious to the point it is obsessive.  I knock on wood for everything and I mean everything.  So today I would prefer to just stay inside where I feel safe, but I have plans this evening to go to a winery with one of my friends from school.  We have snow again for the second day in a row and I wish it would just go away because it's not the pretty, fluffy, cover everything type.  We have like a scattering of 2" and it just makes everything messy.  Then it makes the country roads bad for driving and that's what I have to take to the winery.  Ugh. 

Then, I told myself that I have to study 3 hours today for my boards.  Somewhere in my busy day I'll have to find time for that.  I also need to get the couch in shape for pickup.  We are getting rid of our living room couch and loveseat because my uncle is kind enough to give me their extra set and a girl is coming by sometime to get this one....that means vacuuming the dog hair off the cushions and underneath, which will take up most of the morning. Just kidding.  My dog, Diddle, is getting better for those that are curious.  I have been using my nursing skills to care for his wounds and I like it!  It's gross, but fun to do!

Well, those are my ramblings for the morning and I know it's all a bunch of random stuff.  I have much more running crazy in my mind, but I won't make you read every detail of my day/weekend.

I hope you all have a good weekend and thanks for reading my blog.  It really means a lot to me!


Nancy L said...

Good Friday the 13th ponderings-knock on wood,LOL!!!

Megan Carruth said...

I have been knocking on wood all day!!
I love the snow, wish we got some more of it here in Alabama. & Your dog is too cute! Hope you have a great day!!