Saturday, April 21, 2012

saturday daydreams // winner.

This morning as I sit here sipping some hot tea in my robe realizing that it's definitely colder this morning than it has been, I'm thinking of our plans for later.  We have a super busy day, but something I'm looking forward to is going to check out a new place to live.  Hopefully by June we can be moved out or at least in the process, but since the days and weeks are moving at super fast speeds, that may not happen.  Bummer.

We have a lot to get done before then.  Make sure our friends want to actually rent our house, get everything organized, throw out, recycle, and sell things we don't need, and well, find a new place.  It's a hard process but no matter what, at least I have a nice place now and a beautiful person to share it with.


Remember the giveaway I had this week for these items?

Well, the lucky winner is...
Miss Janna!

Thanks to all that entered.  I wish I could give everyone a piece of something, but that's not the way it goes.  I know I'm always bummed when I don't win giveaways, so sorry to those that didn't win!  Hopefully I will have another giveaway in the future.

Enjoy your weekend!


Live Simply- Live Well said...

O I love that sign so much.

Janna Bogert said...

Thanks again, I'm seriously so excited! Giving you a shout out on the blog tomorrow and I'll blog about the goodies when I get them!!