Friday, April 20, 2012

friday // tax refund spree

I hate to wish my life away, but I can't tell you how happy I am it's Friday.

Yes, I'm working 12 hours today, but at least the weekend is near.

We got our taxes done and for once I'm so happy we get a bit of money back.  High five for that!

I know that with part of that cash we have to put a new roof on our garage and replace the part of the ceiling in a bedroom, but the remainder of the money is seriously burning a hole in my pocket.

Linking up with Lauren, here are 5 things I want to buy myself with some of this cash.  

I'm allowed to, right?!

1) I love these slip ons and in fact, I found about 10 pairs I really want.


2) An overnite stay in this hotel.  This gorgeous place is right downtown St. Louis and overlooks the Arch.  We love to stay here because it's so close to fun, they have a 530 happy hour, and an amazing free breakfast buffet.  Plus, we are in desperate need of a nite away somewhere.  

3)  This Vanguard tripod for my camera.  I really need a tripod, but don't want a cheap, unstable one.  I think this one is in the middle.  I have a Canon t3i and this one is durable to hold it.  What do you use for your camera? 

4)  I love this orange top!  I have been eyeing several things from this site and have fallen in love with this so much.  I just hope the smocked waist doesn't make me look too frumpy - I hate when that happens!

5)  I ran across this bunch of jewels while searching for some new items to wear.  I am drooling over all of this stuff.  It's perfect and I want it ALL!  

Have you gotten to do anything fun with tax money or did it all go to bills and home stuff??

Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway.  It ends tonite! 



Trish said...

I think that everything on your list is FANTASTIC! I got to go on a spree with last years tax money. This year was all bills. Yuck!

Stacia said...

I LOVE that color (orange for the top). I wonder, too, at times that when I see an amazing shirt or pants, if it will look as good on me as it does in my head. What we see vs what it actually is...well, ya know. I'm one of those that are always too lazy to try something on, bring it home and then hate it. :)

Michelle P said...

Love all of the stuff on your list! We spent ours really quickly.

Kati - Incorporating Color said...

That orange top is fabulous - I don't think I own any orange clothing... I might have to look into that! :)