Tuesday, August 20, 2013

tie dye love!

one of my new favorite hobbies is making tie dye.  i hadn't done it since i was little and decided to make a couple things one day and here is what was created:

aren't they fabulous?  i love the way they turned out and it was so much fun to do.  i have worn tie dye things since i was about 16 and unfortunately i have seen that it's become pretty mainstream, but i still like it.  i feel that with what it represents and the colors, it is a part of my personality.  in fact, when i went to the beach in june we used an old, super faded and rather vintage sheet and it was so classic. 

i will be taking orders for custom designs in the future so definitely let me know if you would like one.
next on my agenda is a pillowcase, jacket, and something to frame.  groovy!


Giovanna said...

Fun shirts! I love to tie-dye too!


Susan said...

Fun Fact: I spent a summer as an activities director at the beach in NC. Once a week we had to run the tie dye tent. People would line up for HOURS to pay $10 and die shirts. Once they dried we would have people rinse them in the atlantic because the ocean helped the color stay bright and awesome (because that's what the ocean does right?!) My friends still say to me whenever they see a tie dye shirt they think of me. To me, these awesome shirts remind me of the beach. Not surprising you like them so much also! xoxo